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Introducing Duolingo Events (Beta)

Today we are excited to announce a way to improve your language skills and connect with fellow Duolingo community members beyond the screen – say hello to Duolingo Events!

Language is a social tool. While we love the quality alone time you spend with us lying in bed, waiting for your food to arrive, sitting on the… bus, we think it’s time to start seeing other people. Lots of other people. So we’ve made it easy by creating a way to find (and start) language groups near you.

Duolingo Events offers language-focused meetups of various formats and fluency levels in cities around the world. It’s as simple as selecting the city you’re in, the language you’re learning, and clicking RSVP. We've only launched a handful of events, so if your city or language isn’t represented, you can apply to become a Host and kick things off for your local community.

While (spoiler) language groups aren’t a new idea, what makes Duolingo events stand out are the passionate communities behind them. Getting over the “speaking out loud” hump takes a healthy dose of humility, encouragement, and practice. This is an opportunity to bring your online learning offline and practice speaking with a supportive community of learners who are highly motivated to help you succeed.

Take your speaking and comprehension skills to the next level with real world practice – give Events a spin and let us know what you think!

*This is an experimental project for Duolingo Labs, and as such, is only available on the web, could have a few bugs, and may be removed at any time. Learn more about Labs here.

UPDATE 08/08/17: Events project is now hidden from Duolingo Labs for all students with a teacher on Duolingo for Schools. If Events graduates from Labs, we might set up more options in the teachers' settings.

August 3, 2017



This sounds like a very good idea. I have a suggestion, however. Would it be possible to have a bi-directional event? For example, if Esperanto speakers learning Klingon want to hold a meet, can they also invite Klingon speakers learning Esperanto? Of course, this would only be possible in the more cosmopolitan areas where you would find significant numbers of speakers of both languages. Sorry for using Klingon and Esperanto as the examples, but I thought it better to avoid any stereotyping by suggesting any one group of language speakers may be more common in one area than any other.


Great minds think alike – check out this "intercambio" (language exchange) event we are testing in Boston! https://events.duolingo.com/boston-japanese-group/


Boston !!! I do not live their now but that is very cool that you are doing a meeting their .


That is a hilariously AWESOME example! Someone needs to do that. :D


Actually, once a man taught his son Klingon and it became his native language. O-O No joke!


One of his native languages (together with English), for a couple of years, until the boy started rejecting the language and the father started speaking English to him as well.


I've also heard of a person who spoke Lojban to his twin daughters, but he also stopped doing so after several years.


Also a constructed language.

It's supposed to be based on predicate logic and encode syntax unambiguously (so sentences such as "Time flies like an arrow", where any of the first three words could be the verb, are not possible there).

There are maybe a couple of dozen reasonably fluent speakers, about on the order of Klingon I suppose.

I don't know how well the twins spoke/speak Lojban; they probably understand a lot more than they speak it themselves.


I was disappointed because I would like to host an Esperanto event. For a split second there I thought I'd found a kindred spirit. :-)


Why don't you?


I applied. I think I will. Just not with Maclomhair. :-)


Well, good luck!


Thanks - they even gave me a neat green ring of power.


Thanks for another communication with the community; it's great to see another project ready to test in the Labs section! We really appreciate of the commitment and effort you put in to make Duolingo an amazing place like it is, and I'll be sure to check out the new project further! Meetups are very effective and useful; it's great that users are able to communicate and help each other. This is yet another feature that will absolutely improve learners' language skills! Again, thank you!


sitting on the… bus

lol! xD


I've definitely finished a few lessons on the... bus


It seems like a great idea for people to practice speaking, but how can you make sure these events are safe for everyone? You never know what people will bring or do.


meetup.com does this kind of thing all the time all around the world, it doesn't seem to be a problem for them. People are mostly meeting in a public place after all.


Meetup.com's terms of use contain the sentence "Our Platform is available to anyone who is at least 18 years old.". So there's that. Duolingo, on the other hand, has launched Schools and made its visual image more targeted to children in the last years.

(Adults can of course also get stalked, assaulted, or worse when meeting online contacts in real life, so this is not only a concern for kids.)

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Not questioning your concerns about kids, but please don't fear monger. I took part in several meetings using the meetup app and they were totally safe. You're no more in danger than you would be while going out on your own.



I agree with you. Having attended political meet-ups in the past, it never occurred to me to be fearful. We can either be perfectly safe and never experience anything new or ever have to cope with the unexpected or we can live our lives without constant fear.

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I was joining meetups for language exchanges instead, just like those they're trying to set up here. They are some of my fondest memories from when I was living abroad, and if they're going to make one here in my city, I'll gladly participate.


Of course no one questions the fact that most meetups (of any kind and organised by any means) are totally safe, and I have in fact met up with duolingoists in real life.

But one shouldn't pretend that making contact with and meeting up with strangers from the internet is always safe, as long as you're over 18. Making contact online ahead of time can be useful for that tiny minority of people with bad intentions, so it's not quite the same as just going out on your own.

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Hey, I never said meeting with internet strangers is always safe, I said there's no more potential danger than, say, being in a social environment alone -- or befriending people outside of the internet, for that matter. My point is: every social interaction in life comes with a bit of uncertainty, but hinting that these Duo events won't be safe enough because they're organized online... that's quite a reach imho.


Ah, I see now that it seems you don't actually sign up for these things (thus letting other( user)s know in advance that you're going to be there), but rather just turn up. That's a good thing, then, in terms of safety!


Hi annika_a,

Currently, all events will require that you sign-up via RSVP but, unlike MeetUp, only the Duolingo Host will see the list of RSVP's.

Most events will be 18+ or 21+ but if there is an event open to people younger than that, they will need to be accompanied by an adult.

I agree it is good to be aware of your surroundings wherever you are and that these events are not an exception. I hope that the worse thing that we encounter at the events is a few socially awkward people now and then like I have found at a number of MeetUps!


Age does not affect the chance of meeting someone dangerous.


Happy 1000 days streak!


Indeed; how can Duolingo verify anyone's bona fides given that creating Duolingo accounts is completely unregulated? I have no doubt that 99% of people who turn up to these events will be entirely genuine and earnest learners, but one cannot help being a little concerned about the remaining 1%.


True. Very, very true.


Agreed. I do quite like the idea, but the potential for there to be those sleazy people that give off bad and sometimes dangerous vibes just because they heard about an event is of a bit of concern. Though there likely won't be any events in my favourite language in my area anyway, it would be a risk to assess. Perhaps they have a vetting system?

[deactivated user]

    As somebody who has been apart of some dangerous vibe crowds, trust me when I say this will be a pretty safe situation. Large numbers of adults who know that one another will be there in a public place? That is the last place you want to cause anything. Not to mention that it will be a lot of geeky types, which are just the kind of people you expect to call the cops as soon as things go South. If it worked in more of a Craig's list kind of way where two people meet up, often at the home of one of them, then I would share your concerns. This is safe as can be.


    Fantastic! But if you don't want to host personally, is there a way to get notifications if a meetup in your area starts?


    This is in our plans! As Events is a Labs product, some fancier features like this (and a laundry list of others) are on hold until we measure initial response and traction. But I promise this feature request is near the very top!


    Interested in this feature too if/when available. Currently don't have time to be a host.


    I would love to host in my town outside of the Toronto area however I do not feel comfortable conversing in French, my target language. Does this mean I cannot try to form a group?


    What about virtual language groups, after all, not all of us are going to have a language group near them. Also, I'm really glad there's more social features, and I hope there are more coming. Keep up the good work and thanks for more updates! :D


    Virtual language groups would be so cool! Obviously a very different project than this from a technical standpoint, but rad none the less. No plans for virtual events as of today, but that doesn't mean never!


    Duolingo Clubs are a thing now! Released a couple weeks ago on mobile :D


    I really love the idea but I'm too young to do it. If there were any way for an event for minors, that would be nice.


    Do you have a parent/guardian/adult sibling/babysitter/etc. who would be willing to take you to an event and keep an eye out for you? Kids should definitely be able to participate in these things.


    I definitely agree. What about groups led by an older language learner for children and teenagers?


    Yeah that would actually be a good idea since a lot of people who use Duolingo are under 18.


    This is a great idea. Would love to see one in Chicago soon!


    Yesterday I received an invitation and registered for a Spanish learners' scavenger hunt in San Francisco's traditional Hispanic district on August 19, 2017. I've been wishing and searching for a way to communicate in the language I've been studying por la computadora for several years. I was part of a small group that organized to do this in the central market in Cuzco, Peru, to gather gifts to give to a shaman for a healing ceremony. More to come . . . .

    [deactivated user]

      Why does hosting require drinking age instead of adulthood? I am American and have been an adult for two years and won't be able to legally drink for one.


      'Sitting on the... bus' lol + this sounds really cool but a bit dangerous


      Dangerous how? If you are an adult you should be fine. If you are a child, check with your parents, and ask one of them to take you to the meeting.


      The ellipsis is understood to mean "toilet".


      I know, that's why I said 'lol'


      Why do you have to be over the drinking age - why not just 14+ and not get drunk


      Events will vary greatly in format, style, and fluency levels, so there will certainly be groups that cater to those under legal drinking age. However, to become a Host, you must be over the legal drinking age in the country where you are hosting. (I hope it goes without saying why this is an important rule!)


      Wow! Not used to new features and so much interaction! This is amazing!


      Great idea! I hope a group starts in Florida soon!


      LOL! Not close enough. But thanks for the link anyway!


      You're welcome. I want to make sure that you understand that you can apply to start a group in any location. Although the roll-out is in larger cities, Duolingo is open to groups of language learners meeting for events in any location. If you live in a town of 10,000 and there are 4 people studying your target language in the town, you could still host events for those four people. Seeing as you live in Florida and are studying Spanish, I would imagine that you could start a group where you are and have plenty of people to attend your events.


      Thanks for the suggestion Marty!


      I applied to be a host (Spanish and Japanese), but is there anything currently going on in the Phoenix area? I checked the events page and know there is nothing official, but I'm curious if there is anything like what they apparently have going on in Seattle. How inspiring! I not, and if there isn't enough interest for an official event here, would anyone be interested in starting a small group?


      I'm in Tempe, next to ASU, Tempe Campus. I would love if there was one in the Phoenix area as well.


      What language(s) are you interested in? I set up a Japanese event and am in the process of setting up one for Spanish.


      I'm mostly interested in learning Hindi. However, I am somewhat interested in learning Spanish as well and maybe some other languages.


      Ah, yes. I'd love to learn Hindi, too! I think that one is going to be a little while yet. But feel free to join us for Spanish! I've set up a couple of events so far. Still looking for a venue for regular (weekly or biweekly) practice, though.


      Are there going to be more locations for these events? Duolingo has active users from all over the world, and it would be really cool if some Asian cities were added to the list of locations for Duolingo Events.


      There are a three groups in the Asia Pacific region although only one so far in all of Asia. The location of current groups is largely influenced by the location of the people that are volunteering to be event hosts. Although events are still in beta, Duolingo is open to events being hosted throughout the world. If there isn't an event being hosted near you it is probably because nobody has volunteered to host or that the new host(s) are going through the orientation process.


      All these new features such as Events seem to benefit only a small percentage of Duolingo users. Would it be at all possible to have the "Follow" feature back where we can see input/comments (i.e. responses to grammar questions) posted by others whom we are following? This was such a helpful feature from a learning aspect as well as a social connection aspect. Sorry, but I cannot remember exactly what the name of the tag was, it sat beside the Immersion tag.


      YEssss that would be soo great and helpful!!


      Now here's someone who is thinking!


      just saw that knoxville has a german group. now i truly cannot wait to move there next spring! the wait just might kill me now. . .


      Interesting!! Will check it out :D


      The Norwegian Team organized an event in Trondheim last Saturday that went incredibly well. We're hosting more events in the future, including another one this Saturday!



      Not to be outdone by @recabecca's amazing Seattle group that meets every other Wednesday! ;)


      holy cow, you guys!!!!! are adults the only people aloud to these events? Cause if so I'm not gonna be able to attend.


      Yeah, looks like the events are 21+...


      To clarify, some events may be all ages. But anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is for everyone's safety. To be a host, you must be 21+. Event's will vary based upon location, language, host, and attendee feedback. You can always write to the host in charge of your area. The program is still pretty new, so if you don't see the language for your city, keep checking back! :)


      zanzaboonda, many thanks!


      18+ unless local laws apply to change that age limit.


      Although I am averaging 10+ people at my regular events, only one person came to my 18+ event (and that person was well over 21). I am hosting an all-ages event on Sunday and 3 people have RSVP'd but I don't think any of them are under 21.

      It is too early to tell, but it certainly appears that nobody in my area under the age of 21 wants to attend events and the people over 21 seem to prefer targeted events.

      I wish there was demand for all-ages groups in D.C. but, so far, I haven't seen any.


      MartyWrin, please remember that no one under 18 can attend your event without an adult guardian. :)


      Usagiboy7, you should see age and attendance requirements on every event posted in Duolingo Events as it is a requirement to post for each and every event. I make age requirements quite clear in my event postings and that is why I was thinking that the 21+ group was less-interested since none of my frequent attendees RSVP'd for my all-ages event.

      Above I was only speaking to my perceived lack of demand among the under 21 group of Duolingo users. The chaperone requirement is certainly another barrier to attendance but that is something that is never going to change and I am glad for that.

      I am probably going to switch to all events being 21+ if nobody under the age of 21 attends on Sunday.


      Usagiboy7, we still have to write it in age information each time as there is no template but it is a requirement of Duolingo that we post age information on each event. Now that I have switched to 21+ (after nobody under that age coming to my 2 open events), I have added the age info to the main group page but will continue to post it on each event.

      If people under 21 start to contact me directly through the Events site, I would definitely try again though!


      MartyWrin, awesome! I was in a pre-labs test group as a host and I had to write that stuff in. Last night, I clicked events in the lab to see if it said anything on the initial page and didn't see it. So, I checked the Help Center and didn't see it there either for some reason. So, thought I'd mention it here in case it didn't get mentioned further in the application process. :)

      Good luck with your events!


      Hi Marty, DC would be one of the best cities in the US to have a successful event. I would be interested in attending your next event. My main interest is currently in Hungarian and I have no idea how I am going to meet people to practice with. I also speak Portuguese, German and Spanish fairly well, and French rather poorly. Having said that, DC has a good Portuguese language meetup and countless opportunities to speak Spanish as I'm sure you know!


      Maybe you could start up a group at a public library. That's a friendly place, that would appeal to families.


      When I saw the picture I was like, "Oh, so it is for adults only."


      I know right? I won't be able to attend either...


      Are these events still happening? When's the next one?


      Good luck with the next events!


      No problem. They sound awesome and I wish I could join.


      Not able to attend this. Hopefully, there is one in Oslo


      What exactly do you mean by "Legal drinking age"? In Finland, and I imagine several other countries, different strengths of alcoholic drinks have different age limits.

      Also... Saudi Arabia, etc.?


      In these countries, the minimum age to become a Host is 18.


      I wish there were events in Dublin :(


      Hi staff,

      It seems that, in "Duolingo's New Website" Support Page, the paragraph

      We have nothing concrete to share... yet. But we do plan to replace this social feature with something better!

      can be updated with a mention of this great feature. ;)


      This sounds interesting, can't wait to start using it!


      Seems like a blast! I'll be moving to Seattle, WA for college soon and I hoped to start a new group, but am not of legal drinking age :( Are these meetings alcohol-centered or is it like a legal liability for Duolingo?


      That's just a requirement for hosting, it seems. Anyone can attend.


      Ahhhh I wish you the best of luck!


      We tried this in my area. The leader gave up because of people not making it to the meetups. Felt bad for him since he was trying to start something really cool.


      Aw I wish there were more "family-friendly" events... I mean, why does the meeting place for people often have to be at a bar?? :'( Can't a park or something work too? Anyways, I was just putting that out there cuz I know there are other under 18s using Duolingo who'd like this... :/ but makes no difference to me though - there aren't any current hosted events in Perth right now, just in South Australia and then America + Europe.. :P can't fly all the way there though hehe sadly :'D.


      Duolingo Events is still in a beta stage, which is why it is in Labs. If Duolingo decides to keep it, it will certainly grow over time as more people volunteer to host events.

      As far as locations, a challenge I face is finding a place indoors (to protect against our uncertain weather when planning events a month in advance), that doesn't charge a fee for the space, has a low enough noise level to converse in groups, and is scaleable as I don't know if I'm going to have 5 people or 50 people attending when I plan an event. I have been actively searching for other types of locations via requests for suggestions here and other places along with doing my own research. Haven't found other places that are perfect but I am doing several 18+ events in addition to the 21+ events.


      Oh ok. That makes sense


      starbucks, panera, libraries, community centers, mall food courts,


      Is there an Age you have to be to be able to go to these Events?


      Duolingo has mandated an age of 18+ to attend events alone. If an event is open to all ages, people younger will need to be accompanied by adult. Each event should mention if it is family, 18+, 21+, etc. in the event details section.


      is there a way for me to search by location? I wouldnt mind finding an event in my area.


      Hi Laura,

      There sure is! It is not a search bar but if you scroll down on the main page (https://events.duolingo.com/), you can select a region of the world. A list of all cities in that region that currently have one or more event hosts will show-up. Each city has the country listed below it. When you click on the city it will show what language(s) have events in that city.

      I hope that helps. There is not a search bar or any type of search function. This is still in beta (which is why it is in Labs) but I think having a search function would definitely help so I will pass it along as a suggestion. Thanks for commenting!


      This is so cool - are there any out there in Southern Asia?


      There are three cities in India that currently have event hosts. If you want to check the listings out, you scroll down on the main page (https://events.duolingo.com/), you can select a region of the world. A list of all cities in that region that currently have one or more event hosts will show-up. Each city has the country country listed below it. When you click on the city it will show what language(s) have events in that city. I hope something is near you. If not, I am sure that events will expand if it is moved out of Labs!


      yes duolingo is a good site and better because its free


      Hi, I get errors when I try to sign up and log in.


      I'm having this problem in iOS as well. Neither the Google nor the email sign-ins work, and I'm unable to create another account through the app. Also, it looks like there are blue gems now instead of lingots?


      Sorry to hear about the difficulty you guys are having! Please kindly post to technical support so they can help.

      If you are specifically referring to Events only, it should be linked to your other account and should be accessible after logging in. But I'm worried you might be having some other issues, so please do reach out.

      Best of luck to you!


      Apparently there aren't many people in California that want to learn French. I tried hosting an event, but haven't gotten any notifications if it will happen. Maybe I should try to convince my school's French class to join


      Can't join, but this sounds awesome. Good luck to all the events! This is an awesome idea, and whoever thought of it is a genius.


      Sounds great! Will be hard for me to participate in. Hope all enjoy!


      That's awesome. Thanks for creating Labs ! I am really eager to be the host in my city. I've been organizing similar events for 'Google Local Guides'. I just love this idea. Can you people advance event level by sending promotional posters, flyers, t shirts and bands? You're just awesome. Thanks and Greeetings to Luis and 'Hacker' !! Go CMUrns !!


      Interesting Idea. So can anyone just start a event by signing up as a host?


      Yep, but there are rules and requirements. For example, you have to be of legal drinking age in your country to even be eligible as a host.


      Alright, thanks!


      If this is in the Labs, does that mean it's just a prototype ?


      More-or-less. Although it is being rolled-out worldwide, it is still in Labs so it could be terminated at any point from what I understand.


      These new ideas are amazing, Duo! Just bring an event to southeast Texas. You might see me there :)


      You could bring events to Southeast Texas as long as you are 21 or over! The events you see posted are because people in those places volunteered to host events. The more people that apply to host, the more events you will see. You could be the host for your area if you apply!



      How is this different from already existing services like meetup? There are passionate and non-passionate people at both sites.


      I think we will be able to better ascertain any differences once more events have been hosted. I think it is very similar to doing a language-based Meetup. The primary differences that I can see offhand is that 1) Duolingo Events are solely language-based, whereas that is a small subset of Meetup Events. 2) This is specifically for Duolingo online learners as one needs to have a Duolingo account to RSVP. 3) Meetup charges the host a monthly fee, whereas Duolingo doesn't. 4) Duolingo Events are in Beta and could be discontinued at any time whereas Meetup is well-established, runs smoothly, and is unlikely to disappear in the immediate future.

      That's about it for differences that are obvious to me. Maybe other people know of some others.


      This is a good idea! When will the Activity Stream replacement come, if ever? You promised it. There's just one problem: It's unfair to require people to be of legal drinking age because language learning is unrelated to alcohol.


      The punch is ALWAYS spiked. They want to make sure you can hold your liquor and get home. ;) In all seriousness, being a full legal adult with all rights and privileges would remove legal liability.


      The legal 18+ or legal drinking age requirement is only for event hosts, not attendees. Somebody younger who really wanted to could probably co-organize events with a parent or older sibling as the Duolingo contact.

      One challenge of "all-ages" venues is that it is harder to find places agreeable to hosting them without a charge. I think it is a combination of two things: 1) Adults tend to have more disposable income so there is an establishment is more likely to have a business bump from a group of all adults, and 2) There is a high profit margin on alcohol and no free refills so that further increases the likelihood of revenues from hosting a group being good.

      Where I live, even the department of recreation charges an hourly fee for using one of their meeting rooms. The libraries are the only all-ages venues that I have found so far that would definitely work. Do you have any other ideas of locations that would work for all-ages Duolingo events?


      Thanks for adding this perfect feature to Duolingo, it seems lovely! But I have a big problem opening the website :( this website does not responds and when I click the link a page pops up and it says : "This site can’t be reached" and "events.duolingo.com took too long to respond." Now what should I do? I really like to use this new website, but I cannot please help me.


      This is great, but I just get an error message every time I try to access the events page and it doesn't show up under labs. I am not in Duolingo for Schools. Has the project already been cancelled?


      I am not in Duolingo for Schools.

      According to your account, you do are in (at least) one classroom(*), which is the reason why you don't see it in the Labs and why there is an error message when you try to access it directly.

      (*) As a student, that's what matter.


      I have opened the website for Duolingo for Schools in the past. I am NOT in any classroom, I don't even know of any classroom. I just reopened the website. Apparently I have an account. That's it. So what am I supposed to do? I can't access it just because I created an account? That's stupid. I literally opened schools.duolingo.com and it says "Lu's classrooms" and lists no classrooms and shows a check mark next to "Created Account" and has a link to "Become an Educator" and "Create a classroom." That's Duolingo's error marking me as being in a classroom just because I created an account to see what it was. Also where did you see that "according to Duolingo" I'm in "one classroom"? I don't see that anywhere. I also just tried to remove myself from Duolingo for Schools, but it appears to be impossible. All it does when I click on "account settings" is take me to the main Duolingo account settings, which doesn't have anything related to Duolingo for Schools.

      Edit: Okay, after clicking around some more it appears that Duolingo for Schools auto-generated a classroom titled "My students" for me when I created my account, and yet this "classroom" doesn't appear when I access Duolingo for Schools. Update: I removed myself from the classroom and now I can see the events. Problem solved.


      I have opened the website for Duolingo for Schools in the past. I am NOT in any classroom,

      Opening or not the website Duoligo for Shcools has nothing to do with being in a classroom or not!
      You enter classrooms from the Duolingo website (https://www.duolingo.com). The website Duoligo for Shcoolsis for Educators to create classroom, it's not to enter classroom.

      Hence, you ould have never opened the website Duoligo for Shcools and still be in a classroom as YOU ARE.

      Apparently I have an account.

      Of course, because you have a Duolingo account and that it's one account for all Duolingo's subdomains.

      So what am I supposed to do?

      Quit the classroom in which you, from the settings of your account.

      I can't access it just because I created an account?

      You can't access Events because you are in a classroom, that's all.
      You probably clicked one day in a forum on a link sharing an access to a classroom.

      I literally opened schools.duolingo.com and it says "Lu's classrooms" and lists no classrooms

      Yes, because tis interface is for you to create classrooms as an Educator, not to enter classrooms as a student.

      That's Duolingo's error marking me as being in a classroom just because I created an account to see what it was.

      Duolingo never did that.

      Also where did you see that "according to Duolingo" I'm in "one classroom"? I don't see that anywhere.

      Here. The variable "has_observer"'s value is true, indicating you're in (at least) one classroom(*).

      I also just tried to remove myself from Duolingo for Schools

      You can't, except if you entirely quit Duolingo.
      What you should try is to quit the classroom itself from the setting of your Duolingo account.

      All it does when I click on "account settings" is take me to the main Duolingo account settings,

      Yes, because it's here where you can quit/enter a classroom!

      which doesn't have anything related to Duolingo for Schools.

      Yes, it does.

      it appears that Duolingo for Schools auto-generated a classroom titled "My students" for me when I created my account

      No, it doesn't make accounts enter automatically in a classroom when you create your Duolingo account.

      and yet this "classroom" doesn't appear when I access Duolingo for Schools.

      It's normal, it's not your classroom (as an Educator) so it only appear on your student interface (= https://www.duolingo.com), not in your interface (of Duo Schools) as an EDUCATOR (= https://schools.duolingo.com).

      Update: I removed myself from the classroom and now I can see the events. Problem solved.


      (*) Now that you quit the classroom, ir logically says "false"

      [deactivated user]

        I would love to do this but doubt that there are a sufficient number of Ohioans.


        If you are in one of the big cities there, I would imagine that there are enough people. If you aren't you could still sign-up to be a host and give it a shot!



        This sounds amazing!


        Nice! I will check it out right now!


        This sounds pretty neat. I'd love to attend one of these one day if I could muster up the nerve. Assuming there's anyone in Christchurch, anyway.


        People of all abilities will likely be in attendance. If there's one in your area, you should try it out!


        Very cool. Not sure I can break away from the kids to hit up the next one in Pittsburgh but, here's hoping the project is successful so that it's there when I can in the future. Great idea!


        It sounds like a great idea, sadly I don't think they are enough people to do it here in buenos aires, argentina :/


        I would bet if you are interested in doing an English group there would be plenty of people in Buenos Aires! Why not sign-up to be a host and give it a try?



        You'd be surprised. When I was in BA I've seen ppl on the bus and on the underground using Duolingo.


        How do I start this up?

        [deactivated user]

          i wish i could do a duolingo event. no time...


          First new set of Events look to be posted! Dozens of cities now have events available.


          this is a great idea!


          This is awesome! Looking forward to finding a group near me sometime in the future :)


          :( There's no events in Missouri yet.


          Is there any event in Switzerland? I know it's a small country, but doesn't hurt to ask :D


          Switzerland is one of the 15 countries in Europe where people have already volunteered to organize events. There is only one in Switzerland but if it is near you or is not focused on a language that you are studying, then you could apply to host as long as you are 18+ and of legal drinking age.

          Here's a link to the group page in Switzerland: https://events.duolingo.com/bern/


          thank you very much!


          hm. why can't i log in?? :(


          fuzzbucketdeux, if you happen to be in a Duolingo Classroom, it won't be available to you.


          Sounds like great fun.


          do people on this tell you about spanish i havent been on this site before intil today


          Head on over to the language part of your discussion for that. Unless it's about meet-ups regarding learners of the Spanish language, this forum isn't what you're looking for. Unless I misunderstood, in which case, you might want to clarify what you mean.


          This sure looks like a cool thing, hopefully there will be more and more people participating over time...


          What are the events going to be?! >:D


          Right now, it depends on the language, location, and host. If you go to events.duolingo.com, you can see what's going on in your area. It's still pretty new, so check back if you don't see your language yet. :)


          Can the age be lowered for 17 year olds to attend the events?


          I would not expect Duolingo to do that nadz-najah. Although the most events are 18+ or 21+, there are a number of all-ages events that people under the age of 18 can attend if accompanied by an adult. This information should be contained in each event posting. Good luck with your language studies!


          This is super cool! Have yall considered hosting any online events? Most of the events take place only in capital cities. And most people don't have the time to drive up to the capitals, some don't even have the ability! Anyways, just figured it'd be a pretty nice idea!

          I wish yall luck with duolingo plus, by the way!


          Hi Ves,

          Events is a Lab product because Duolingo wanted to try to help people studying a language on Duolingo be able to get together with others studying the same language to be able to make real-world connections while practicing the target language. All that is to say that this platform is not designed to facilitate online events, nor is that going to be considered as part of this particular platform. There is interest in online events so I am sure that it has been talked about at Duolingo. It would require many things in regards to staff, programs, etc. so I have no idea if it will ever happen.

          As for cities, most are not actually capitals (especially in the U.S) but you are certainly right about distance being a factor. Many people I talk to at events don't want to go to a particular one because of distance - and we are talking just getting from the suburbs to the city!

          Thanks for your input and your enthusiasm!


          This is pretty cool! :)


          Very exciting! May look into hosting as there isn't many events here in the UK.


          we all have been waiting and waiting but nothing ever happens,go out and live your dream


          The American Team organized an event in Trondheim last Saturday that went incredibly well. We're hosting more events in the future, including another one this Saturday!


          I am a host, but my link to my event isn't working.


          I'm a fellow host. Are you in our Slackker group yet for Duolingo hosts? Look through your host correspondence and contact Duolingo like with Kathleen. I've occasionally had that trouble. Once I found out I was giving out the wrong thing on my Zoom invitation as the link, but we can give out other advice to streamline hosting, too on Slacker.


          The events listing at https://events.duolingo.com/ needs to show which events still have spaces available without clicking every link only to find it is full. Very cumbersome. And the level should also be indicated in the title or somewhere without clicking. Or be able to filter on "spaces available" & "beginner and above" etc.


          I agree. I think we should also be able to screen for language learning level and which day and time we're looking for. For example, this weekend, I hoped to attend at least one event, but I wish I could have signed up last weekend. I have to scroll all the way down to the day I want and that takes a lot of scrolling.


          I hadn't been back to check the events because it was so cumbersome. Thanks to your reply, I just checked the link and see that they now indicate if there are spots left or not. Huge improvement. Most still don't indicate the level one needs...at least in the title (a few do), but it's a start :)


          Hello, today, I was noticing that plenty are downvoting nice little comments many are posting. I think that there's a wave of some with too much time on their hands that have a nod notion to bash Duo enthusiasts. Maybe the programmer should create a loop to detect if any come on here and just downvote everything as it was hard to believe every single comment of many little ones like hi, or little innocent questions would be downvoted at all. Please help alert the programmers that we have some meanies on board.


          This is so cool! I hope this is successful. I usually use Meetup.com (which is awesome) to find events like these. Maybe I'll see you guys in one of these Duolingo Events. :-)


          Being a "secondary" language learner (Italian), it's a bummer not to be able to partake in the new and exciting features being tried by DuoLingo. I'm very excited to see that new things are being tried though! Keep up the good work, and I hope that more than a few of these features end up sticking and spread to the rest of the languages "soon."


          On the contrary, one cool feature of this product is that learners of any language can create a group, so there's no reason this can't spread to Italian! Check out the link to become a Host – perhaps you can kick off an Italian group in your city?


          Very cool - I had thought that that was the ultimate goal, but it was limited at the start. Thanks for the reply! Keep up the great work, Duo!


          Wow, there is not even an event in my time zone. :((


          At least one person will create one in your area. Plus it's only been a little bit since it was introduced.


          I try to sign up as a host, but got an error message.


          That's strange (and annoying)! Can you try once more? We are receiving a steady amount each hour. If it happens again, let me know and we'll make sure it's resolved.

          (For those reading who have submitted applications, I promise we'll get back to you as soon as possible. The response volume has been very, very high!)


          Why am I not allowed to go because I'm 19? Why do we HAVE to be of legal drinking age? I'm honestly a little annoyed by it because it feels like I could get better by taking part in this but I'm just not allowed to. Can someone explain?


          You are absolutely allowed to go as a 19-year-old! We do have a requirement that you must be 18-years or older to attend (unless it is specifically mentioned as a family-friendly event, in which case, all minors must be accompanied by an adult.) This is for safety for all involved!


          I think the idea might just be the age at which one's country considers them a legal adult. In the US 18 year olds cannot drink. But, I'm pretty sure Duolingo isn't banning them from hosting events. I could be wrong. But, I don't think I am.


          For attending events, the minimum age is event-specific and decided by the host. Most will be 18+ or 21+ in the U.S. but the host can have family events as Laura mentioned.

          The host requirement is 18+ AND of legal drinking age in the country where you will be hosting. Therefore it is 21+ to host in the United States.


          Events is a good idea- Suggestion: Provide a search of events by a primary language (also list secondary languages).


          Keine Deutschen Veranstaltungen in New York?


          "Events project is now hidden from Duolingo Labs for all students with a teacher on Duolingo for Schools." This might be why I can't log in to Duolingo Events. I set myself up as a student, because I thought it would be fun for my girlfriend (who speaks Spanish much better than I can) to be my "teacher". I'm not part of an actual class, though.

          Is this why i can't log in to Duolingo Events?


          Hi BartHumphries,

          Yes, several features are default disabled when an instructor sets up a Duolingo classroom. I am surprised you have access to the forums. I thought that feature was turned off by default for Duolingo Classroom students. This was done in part because many students were abusing various features and getting their accounts banned or removed and it was causing problems for teachers. So, teachers now have the option to either keep their students from using certain features, or allowing teachers to enable them on their own time. For instance, if a teacher wants to talk to their students about the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, they can do that first.

          To enable Events option for you, your girlfriend will need to go into the settings and enable the features she wants your account to have. Here is the guide for instructors and students to help them navigate Duolingo School's features.

          It is not recommended for people to join classrooms unless it is for an actual class. This is because whoever is set up at the instructor controls the "students'" accounts to a degree, even being able to change the students' passwords.


          Hi, I have trouble logging in. Anyone else ?


          How long does it typically take to hear back about whether you've been accepted as a host? I applied to be a German host in my city last night and am really excited about this idea. Really glad to see some innovation on Duolingo, it seems like you guys have some cool projects in the works!


          How old do you have to be to go to a event? Is there a age limit?


          Hi Unikart, you need to be a legal adult and at least 18 years old.


          @Unikart, completing Usagiboy7's comment (and, by anticipation), please do not answer either "I can go" nor "I cannot go" (nor anything implying one or the other) as it would be sharing (information out) your age, which is prohibited by the guidelines. Thx!


          Um help please....i accidentally changed my language to russian and i cant READ russian......so i sorta need help....


          Hi JustSomeDude21,

          Here is the link to the Spanish for English Speakers course. Once there, click the button circled in this picture:

          That will change the website's language from Russian to English. :)


          Gracias amigos! thank you for all the information that you give to all viewers like me. and thank you for constructing this web/app!


          I would love to participate! I could post it on my blog www.eliascaress.com


          I think this is cool, mabey someday......


          duolingo deleted a comment of mine that was intended to help people think of different venues for meetings. i'm still trying to figure out what was offensive about being helpful


          i like to play this event i think it will very fun and good


          I need to seek your advise. Let's say if there are not enough participants. Is there a way to postpone the language exchange event?


          I keep getting emails about events in Liverpool ... which is in England. I'm in Wales learning Welsh so I have no idea why I'm being sent events in Liverpool. I've asked the host to stop the emails but they've passed the buck saying it is controlled by Duolingo so the question is how does Duolingo even think I'm in Liverpool and how are the emails stopped without stopping other notifications?


          I googled about duolingo events in liverpool and was instead directed to a 'oh shove yer plow up yer ariss farmer jones' style welsh tirade. its like interacting with my welsh mother.


          That's unfortunate, have you searched Duolingo events for events near you? Some are meeting online now. I'm not sure which language you want to learn. I host some, but I live in the US.


          Is this only offered to Duolingo Plus members who pay?


          No. It is open to everyone, as Duolingo aims to provide Universally accessible language learning.



          I wonder why someone gave us negative kudos. I just gave a positive one here making it zero. Mine has a negative one, and all I did was ask a question. Could it be a mischief maker? This is a good thing that it's free.


          I think that must be the case. I asked a couple of innocent questions a couple of days ago and was surprised that it was downvoted a few times. I thought: what the heck? Some people must have too much time on their hands.


          That gets an upvote and a Lingot from me. I guess with time supporting each other will make it so we just don't care about the confused people with too much time on their hands to do good.


          People may be interested to know:

          Duolingo Events are now online!

          In response to COVID-19, we have enabled events to be held virtually. 100% of the events below are online events that you can attend from anywhere. Stay tuned for updates on when in-person events will resume!

          Check out https://events.duolingo.com/

          Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.