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Is anyone here really good at High Valyrian and can you help me

I just started and its very confusing to me

August 3, 2017



This may help some as a brief intro and overview: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Tutorial

That whole site is a good resource: https://wiki.dothraki.org/Category:High_Valyrian

Generally it's easier to answer a specific question than to give general help. If something on a question is confusing you, visit the comments for it and see what other people have already asked and replied - if they haven't asked what you wanted to find out, ask where it is relevant - on that sentence's discussion.

If you do have a few specific questions at the moment, ask and I'll see if I can answer a couple of them. (There may be a delay of several hours before I can answer, but someone else may answer some of them in the meantime.)


Giving you a bucketful of lingots for actually helping someone (instead of the rest of the comments, which are just dreadful). Enjoy, and keep up the good work!

P.S. I'd also gladly answer some questions for the OP if needed :)


You're already level 10 in high valyrian! How are you finding it?


The course has more than enough material to give a taste of the language, and is intended (at some point in the future) to get longer.

The language has some complexity - four genders, eight cases, multiple declension classes, 4 grammatical numbers - which makes it an enjoyable challenge, but there is enough regularity within the variations to make it quickly graspable; well, with a little perusal of the declension tables anyway.

The tips and notes run out quickly in the course - which is fairly standard for new Duolingo courses (in my experience). (I sometimes wonder if this is to encourage us to become independent learners.) Many more answers can be found on the wiki mentioned above. A few questions on usage or nuance come up for which the answers are not immediately available; I tend to not let these worry me, and try to get the feel of them from the sentences.

During lessons, I barely use the wiki. I prefer to answer questions as naturally and fluidly as I can, or just get them wrong at first until they come up again nearer the end of the lesson. I’m far from mastering the declensions, and further from mastering the verbs. I’m currently putting in from 1 to 3 lessons a day, and further expanding or solidifying my knowledge by using or referencing the wiki to answer others’ questions.

Just throwing this in: there is an annual poetry (haiku) contest (Dothraki and High Valyrian): http://www.dothraki.com/tag/writing/

It is, in my opinion, as a fan of the fantasy genre, the most fun course on Duolingo.


I'm also willing to help others with as much of HV as I understand so far. SprightBark pointed out the dothraki.org wiki, which is the language's most important resource that I know of. (Duolingo is another.) Dothraki.org mentions a forum and IRC chat, but the IRC is inactive. (I idle in it, but no one has joined in the past week.) Right now I am working together with /r/HighValyrian on Reddit and an associate Discord server. My goal is that we work on the language together as a community and have fun.

I recently wrote a post describing HV's gender system and how nouns take their plural and accusative forms. It's one of my own first steps in understanding the language, which you can see here: https://www.reddit.com/r/HighValyrian/comments/6qy3pg/understanding_gender_plural_and_accusative/

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