"One photo"

Translation:Одне фото

August 3, 2017



I thought it was short for фотографія and therefore feminine.


Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that :/ A similar example: автомобіль (m) --> авто (n). Words ending with "-о" are just usually neutral to us, no matter what the "parent" word was.

On the other hand, there is a short form of фотографія that's feminine: фотка :) This is more of a colloquial word, but we use it often. E.g. одна фотка.


Is there an easy way to predict whether a noun is masculine or feminine? I take it that is why один фото was wrong?


In this case it's neuter.

Usually feminine nouns end with (e.g. машина), neuter with and (e.g. вікно, сонце), and masculine with no vowel in the end (e.g. кіт).

With foreign words it might be trickier, but the ones ending with "-о" are usually neuter: авто, фото, сальто.

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