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"I write a letter to my friend."

Translation:Eu îi scriu o scrisoare prietenului meu.

August 3, 2017



Since you can drop the îi according to the multi choice answer, Can you also drop the Eu to make it even shorter? Would it still be understood normally as "Scriu o scrisoare prietenului meu."?


Yes, it's correct and it's actually more common.


But when can you drop the short form of the dative pronouns? I thought they were mandatory...


Is "Eu îi scriu prietenului meu o scrisoare" an acceptable sentence? If not, could someone explain why not please?


How comes I can drop îi here?


I think now, the short pronouns are only required for accusative persons (îl văd pe tatăl) but they are used only optionally but customarily in order to sound less formal with dative persons ([îi] dau tatălui), see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24304566

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