"Aonde estamos indo?"

Translation:Where are we going?

August 3, 2017

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Why is this aonde and not onde?


"Aonde" means a destination. (where to)

One example is the sentence quoted here. You can also use "Para onde....?"

"Onde" is used for all the other contexts

  • Onde está meu livro? (Where is my book?)


In English one used to say "whither" to mean "to what place" and "whence" to mean "from what place". "Where" only meant "in (or "at") what place". These are somewhat archaic (and Duo did not accept my "whither" here), but helpful to recall in distinguishing among "onde", "aonde", etc. Next up: "thither", "thence", "hither", and "hence".


Obrigado- também! Aonde is like the opposite of de onde. I knew that when I was in Rio in February, but I get home and English takes over!


That's it! "De onde...?" = "Where...from?"

Don't let English take over =)


I speak Portuguese at work (I run an English school and have lots of Brazilian students), but there's nothing like being immersed, like when I visit my kids in Brazil. Rio and Bahia in December!


That's great then.... who knows you may go to SP one day =). Btw, being a teacher is a great thing!

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