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Choosing between two languages: Turkish vs. Greek

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well! :)

Now, I know this seems stupid, like, "Come on, why not both?" But I honestly want to shrink my language bucket list and I have but now I can't choose between Turkish or Greek. And I really want to learn seven languages, including practicing my Italian still, so it can be one language for each day of the week. And that way to be able to focus on them because with school starting soon, it won't be easy. But I absolutely love all the languages I'm learning now, whole-heartedly, but there are eight of them, and I really want to focus on just seven.

I've already considered everything: Their music, how many people speak each language, their traditions, their food, the men.. XD ;) how people are, and everything. I've searched it all up. (If only I could travel there...) And I love them both! It's a tie!!! X( Just, I know this is ridiculous, but if you had to choose between two languages you love, which one would it be? Turkish or Greek, in my case. It'd really, really help! Please let me know your thoughts!!!

Also, if by any chance or miracle I complete the seven courses fairly quickly, even though my head really isn't that big, so my you can imagine the size of my brain, I can always still learning a language or two after that! I wonder how long that'd all take....

Love you all and please let me know what you think! ;D


I have decided on learning GREEK. I figured out I'd actually much rather go to Greece than Turkey and learn a new alphabet and listen to their music instead! It's soooo good!! X) And I mean no offense to all the Turkish people out there because I love you guys and your language so much, too! Thank you all for your lovely and helpful answers! And for even bothering to answer. XD Have an amazing day! :D

August 4, 2017



Just to be different from everyone: Turkish!

I've actually found Turkish rather hard, I haven't tried Greek yet so I don't know how it compares though.


I would pick Turkish as well just because I like watching TV, and they happened to have a big selection of accessible and quality channels via satellite with their Digiturk network on the 7E Türksat satellite.

I prioritize languages based on accessibility.

You don't have access from your region, so it doesn't really matter....



Thank you! ;D

Honestly, it is hard and I barely started it. The words are completely different. Where in Greek, I'm just learning the letters and a few words here and there, in its course here.

I'm still slightly torn and undecided. X(


I have decided on learning GREEK. I figured out I'd actually much rather go to Greece than Turkey and learn a new alphabet and listen to their music instead! It's soooo good!! X) And I mean no offense to all the Turkish people out there because I love you guys and your language so much, too! Thank you all for your lovely and helpful answers! And for even bothering to answer. XD Have an amazing day! :D


I would choose Greek based on how it sounds. Greek is lovely to listen to :) It is a gorgeous sounding language; however, I heard the grammar is a bit complex, so I'm guessing you'd need to put a bit of effort into it. (I know Turkish grammar is harder though based off of what others say.)


It's fun, happy, and absolutely beautiful to listen to!!... :D I also believe Turkish is beautiful and emotional, too, but it isn't as happy as Greek. :)

Yes, Turkish Grammer is harder, so it'd be easier for me to learn Greek, even though it requires learning a new alphabet... Even better! And it seems fun and uplifting! XD


Greek. But an important piece of advice, before starting it on duolingo, learn the alphabet by watching youtube videos. Otherwise it will be very difficult to learn.


Thank you very, very much!! I will definitely take that advice! :D

I actually learned the Russian alphabet on my own before starting it on Duolingo. I had a premonition they wouldn't exactly teach the alphabet. XD

But other than that, I've learned quite a bit. :D


In my opinion, I think you should learn Greek. It 's very popular. And it's a fantastic language. Greek is awesome :)))


It's amazing and to me, Greek and Greece seem so much fun and so happy!!! I don't know! XD

It is very popular, but not as popular as Turkish.. There are more than six times the people who speak Turkish versus the Greek speakers!


Oh thannks. Have fun with your languages !!!


You're welcome. And, no, thank you for your response!!! You too have fun with your languages! :D


I'd do Greek. I think it'd be harder though.


Thank you! I love Greek, but even though it's a whole different alphabet, I'm pretty sure Turkish would be harder, since it's much, much, much more complex than Greek in terms of vocabulary, forming words, sentence structure and all that. And probably more things, as well.

Also, I'm Latino so that might help in learning Greek, I don't know. XD Hopefully!


Turkish grammar is more complex, but more regular. Turkish has no gender, and everything declines in a very predictable way; Greek does, and has many more exceptions, although there are fewer possible declinations.
Obviously, you'll find many more cognates in Greek, and the word-order will be much more familiar.


Thank you for your reply. I honestly didn't know Turkish has no gender! Wow. Thank you!

And, yes, I figured Greek would be much easier to learn concerning word order. I recently looked up examples of Turkish word ordering in a sentence and also how you form a word itself and my mind was blown and I got a headache! XD

What's your opinion?


I was actually trying to tilt in favour of Turkish as much as I could, but I cannot deny you are quite right that the morphology and syntax are very different to English or Spanish. The Duo Turkish course is also very short (albeit quite well-put-together); the Greek course is a bit longer; the TTSs in either aren't fantastic. They are both, however, very interesting and significant languages that are well worth looking into.
If you've decided on Greek, then good luck! Don't worry about the alphabet—it's as easy as π.


Yes, they're both interesting and fascinating languages! For now, I'm only focusing on my top 7, the ones I truly love and adore so much! My favorites. Though, it'll probably be for the rest of my life, knowing me. XD

And no one ever really completes learning a language...

Yes, I have decided on Greek!! I love it so much! Thank you!!! Good luck to you as well with all those languages you're learning! Wow! Outstanding!! :D

Hahahaha! That made me laugh so hard, I'm sorry. XD

Don't worry about the alphabet—It's as easy as π.

XD !!!


Maybe. Greek may share some similarities due to the influence of the Romans ages ago.


Definitely. It'd be easier for me, then, since I'm a native Spanish speaker and I know enough Italian to get around! Thank you. :)


Well, it's your choice...but I would choose Greek.


Thank you! Now I'm leaning more towards Greek.. XD But there are also just soooooo many more Turkish speakers... This will be hard.


Greek! I think is going to be more easier for you since you are a spanish speaker! :)


Definitely! Thank you for your reply!!


Thank you! :D Wow, I'm getting a bunch of "Greek". I wonder where the people in favor of Turkish are. XD


I know you decided, but both are amazing, from Greek you learn the origin of a lot of things, and from Turkish you have a Turkic language with lots of Persian and Arabic words, both cultures are amazing, every culture has their own thing, so here is hard, Istanbul is amazing, Athens is amazing, the food is amazing, I just know more from the Turkish side since I went in exchange there, Baklava, sarma, künefe, mantı, döner, etc etc And men are so handsome, really, in Turkey, I have never been to Greece/Yunanistan but I know greeks are soo hot like Turkish boys and girls are, they are so similar actually, the same physically most of the time but depending on the region. And for the places, both are incredible. There is a lot of Turkish music like Teoman, Edis, Gülşen, Sedef Sebüktekin, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tas5AEqnmuk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtsMi4dtl1o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4UdbmfIFAc

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