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  5. Where did my health system go?


Where did my health system go?

I had a health circle and gems until about 20 minutes ago... and now they all went away and I have lingots and no health. Does anyone know how to get the health bar back?

I really like that health system because it helps me know when it's best for me to ease off the new content and review old stuff so I don't blast through the lessons without fully absorbing. Thanks.

August 4, 2017



Duolingo is a seething maelstrom of A/B-tests; you have evidently been moved to one without health for some (probably arbitrary) reason. Many people would rejoice at being returned to a version of the app where they are not hectored into buying gems with real money.

Alternatively, perhaps Duolingo has abandoned the health system, and you are the first to mention it (I consider this unlikely, but only time will tell).


Thanks for that response. Yeah the whole "buy gems to refill health" thing did read kinda unscrupulously... I think if they threw out that option (to refill with real money) and gave people double the health maybe it could work, because I do see merit in health to help one pace their learning... or better yet give people the option to turn the system on and off depending on if they like it as a pacing tool.

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