August 4, 2017

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Where is the iksos coming from? No should simply be 'Daor'


"Iksos" is the subjunctive form of "issa" ("issa" is the third person singular form of the verb "sagon" which means "to be".) To say "yes" in HV, you say "it is" ("issa"). To say no, you can just say "daor" or you can use the negative form of "issa", and to do that you have to use the subjunctive ("iksos") followed by "daor". It means "it is not". There are many forms of the verb that can be used to reply affirmatively to a question. If you say "yes" for a question about the future, for example, you would use the future form of the verb, and so on...hope that makes sense...


I don't know that stumped me too. Oh both can be "no"

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