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Bold print, Large print, Italics, Grayed-out ect.

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I seem to be able to only type in this generic one size fits all font; but I see that some of you use italics, bold print, large print, light gray print etc.; how do you do that? It would make it easier for me to get certain points across, instead of only having quote marks, exclamation points et. al.

Do you print up your comment in another program and copy and paste? That is the only thing I could think of. I have a MacBook Air, if this info helps anyone.

Please, please, I want to have some variety, but only so I can make better posts. I am not shooting for fancy.

Thanks, I know this is not a German topic but I've seen these things done on German posts. Does that count?

August 4, 2017



Hello slamRN! I have found this link which will help, :-) [https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2591660]

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Danke vielmals, das ist ein toller Link. Bitte, habe eine Lingot von mir.

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