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Ça va vs Ça va bien

I am kinda confused here. I use Tinycards to practice my French, and according to it, I am fine is Ça va. according to Duolingo, it is Ça va bien.

According to Tinycards, Ça va bien means 'things are going well'. Which is the correct translation?

Merci d'avance!

August 4, 2017



Normally at the question "Comment ça va?" we reply "ça va bien", and "ça va ?" we reply "Oui, ça va"


very helpful! merci!


I would say that Tinycards is right and that - "ça va" means "I'm fine" - "ça va bien" means "things are going well"

However, given their close meaning, to the questions "comment vas-tu?" or "ça va?", you could equally reply "ça va" or "ça va bien", hence the Duolingo translation.


You say ca va the person you're talking to says ca va bien


example: something is ask you : comment ça va ,you should say: ça va bien or : ça va mal, cause comment ça va means : how are things going , so you should say : things are going well or things are going bad ( if realy is such ) .


Okay, thanks everyone!

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