How many trees can I work on?

For the moment, I am trying to be fluent in these 6 languages: English (primary), German (mother tongue), French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. I have completed all trees from English and I have also finished the English tree from Italian. I have started the German and French trees from Italian. I wanted to add some trees from French, but I seem to run into some kind of limit. I am using Google Chrome on Windows 10 and the Android cell phone App. I can only see my progress for my completed trees, i.e., I cannot see any progress for the two unfinished trees from Italian. My goal is to cross-learn in all these languages as far as it is possible. Should I create multiple accounts, one for each language from which I learn from?

August 4, 2017


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I think it should be limitless.You can always access language tree by going to settings-learning language-learn all language courses and then choose from there.

August 4, 2017

Thank you all for your prompt answers. Just as you all pointed out, I have now discovered that I can add more learning trees. I did experience a temporary "language blockage" though. I can go rather quickly through the trees because I had learned most of these languages in school a long ago. In addition, they are all related to one another.

I had also noticed that it was not possible to switch the "home" language in the cell phone app. However, after some time it occurred to me that I can open the web app on the phone as well and switch that way. But even in the web app I had to be on the "home page" to see all language trees though.

Of course, if you can it can. But you should try to complete all trees in French (or the other languages), and reach level 25 first. That's better. If you want to "create multiple accounts, one for each language from which you learn from", you can.

Good luck!

You can work on all trees if you really want (and have time to do it).

I have completed nineteen trees and I am past the last check-point in another 10-11 trees, and Duolingo allows me to do this just fine.

Thank you very much for your help. Only Portuguese is a completely new language for me. All the others I was fluent in to various degrees, but I became "rusty" through disuse. I am planning to teach some of my children in some of these languages and I want to retrain my learning skills at different levels of language consciousness so that I will be better able to teach. Going through the reverse tree is a good way to add depth to what I already know to some degree. Of course, I will have to do more than just Duolingo learning, but it's a very good and convenient way to "dive in".

You can learn as many as you want. Most are to learn English of course, but you can learn all of them.

As for the app, you can't switch home language there. I do English (German) reverse tree, and I cannot access it from the app as long as I get off of the computer on it. Wherever you leave off on the computer is where you'll be on the app.

That's true. I recently discovered a way to bypass the impasse though: Use the web app on the cell phone and switch that way.

But even in the web app I can only see the statistics for "highest" 6 languages in the Achievements window when I click on my name.

But achievements are for all languages combined, right?

Not quite. I am talking about the Profile web page that lists all the Achievements per language. I can only see one tree summary per language, e.g. I see "Italian Level 19, next Level 1474 XP, Total XP 14526 XP", then the same for French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and English (from Italian). I cannot see the summaries for German (from Italian), French (from Italian), English (from German) and French (from German). I suspect that they do not have the capability to display multiple statistics for the same language. Somehow, they would have to pair interface language and learned language. There are ways to solve these types of problems, but it is probably not high on their priority list. The Android App only shows me the achievements within a specific language interface, but it's a pain to switch back and forth between Web and Android App.Somehow, I find the information but it's a little bit of a goose chase.

The Android app achievements and the web profile languages statistic are two very different things.

Thank you for pointing this out. Yes, it's not the same, but it provides a starting point to retrieve some of the statistics that I would not see at all otherwise.

There may be something on the Duolingo wiki that can help you: try looking for a userscript:

Thank you for this great suggestion. For the moment I try to work around the limitations without the scripts because of Duolingo's restrictions on scripts. I usually find a way through limitations with a work-around. Perhaps, I could create a "bug report" asking for simple user interface enhancements which would benefit everyone. It may not be a bug, but it's something that's bugging me...

Well, good luck with your problem. The interface is really frustrating, because if, for example, I want to switch from En-Es to Es-En it's just a pain.

Yes, it is. It may be easy or difficult to fix in the web application depending on how they have organized the language trees in their system. It should not be difficult to make the Achievement list longer on the Profile page, though, but this may not be a high priority for them either.

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