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Notebook Question

If you keep a notebook, do you personally put everything you learn in there? Grammar rules, Vocabulary? Or just vocabulary or grammar, separately?

Also, does anyone here use a spreadsheet to track their progress?

August 4, 2017



I prefer flashcards for vocabulary. ANKI is my favorite flashcard app, but I also use ReadLang and my Kindle's vocabulary builder.

I do keep a notebook for translating song lyrics. I write the lyrics in the native language, leaving 3 blank lines between each line of lyrics. Under the lyrics I write my translation. Under that I have a line for special notes like irregular conjugations, idiomatic vs. literal meaning, etc. Then a blank line to separate things visually.

I have a grammar workbook with tons of exercises and I write my answers in the notebook rather than marking in the grammar workbook. That way I can do the exercises again and again.

I have built a couple of spreadsheets to try to organize my study. For example, I decided I wanted to do Duolingo every day, "French in Action" 2x per week, talk on Verbling 1x per week, read in my Kindle, do flashcards, do my grammar book, RFI Savoirs... I tried to make a schedule to ensure I got regular practice with various resources. I never make it an entire week. I end up not feeling like doing something, spending too much time with another resource instead - or maybe I get busy and all I have time for is Duolingo (that darned streak ;-). And then I just quit the spreadsheet.

I still like the idea of one, though, and I think it could be useful for tracking how I actually spend my time.


I like the spreadsheet idea you have, I'll try do that! Also I better check out French in action!


When I keep a notebook for my language it is for French words I need to practice as I cannot pronounce them properly. However, I have another book for my Japanese hiragana. I do not use a spreadsheet to track my progress though, I should probably try that! It might help me practice more haha! C xx


Cool! I literally just made a spreadsheet - so I can track my XP gains.


Well kinda. For the most part it's just vocab, but some words will have notes or an example sentence next to it so I know when to use it (For irregular verbs I might put their pres. conjugation) , but sometimes I do put stuff I'm unsure of down (I use Google Docs). I had tried to put all the grammar for the Dutch course down, but then I realized there's too much and my info wasn't the most accurate so I gave up with that.


Level 14 nederlands toch? Leuk dan kan je me vast verstaan


Ja, het enige woord dat ik niet verstond was 'vast' maar gewoon kon ik me niet zijn definitie herinneren :)

EDIT: Met luisteren naar mensen spreken Nederlands kan ik niets behalve wat woorden verstaan :P


I put my vocab for each skill and if any grammar rules different to English apply


I have a notebook (For Spanish) and I pretty much just write the new words that I learn and their definitions. So yeah, It's really helped! You can use it to practice or look up certain words.


I seem to do the opposite to most people here.

I have a note book for grammar rules but not for vocabulary. I write down all tense rules and conjugations and most other important grammar especially if it is different to my native language or complex.
As for vocabulary I prefer to learn it by using it, for example by writing a paragraph or dialogue where I use any words I have difficulty remembering or if they are particularly difficult for me to remember I occasionally make flashcards, but never lists or records of words I find it doesn't help but everyone learns differently


What is your native language?


I use a graph to measure my progress towards level 25 in Spanish. I started July 1, want to finish by September 4th (last day of summer) so I drew a red line at a good angle and I'm trying to keep up with some 200xp per day. It's really hard, and pretty boring, but I want level 25 :D


Do you have a picture of the chart?


No, I can't get my own pictures on duo.

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