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Don't worry guys! It's nothing bad. I put your names up in the title because I have a question about French and you guys seem to be the most explanatory. So here it is:

How do I know when to use 'il est' or 'c'est'?


August 4, 2017



You might get more people to read your question if you put it in the title as opposed to names.

This is a link to a comment explaining it



I thought you use "Il est" when it isn't followed by an article and "C'est" when it is followed by an article. I don't know though. By the way, why did you ask me? I'm at a lower level in French than you! :P


Il est when followed by adjectives or adverbs. C'est when followed by a noun or a pronoun. Exceptions include professions/nationalities/religion and general statements with adjectives. As says in the link


thanks for the link! It helped me! Merci beaucoup!


Yes. But you seem to know a lot about the grammar. I don't even know half of the rules! The right thing just comes to me...kinda like English. Except...this isn't the case for il est and c'est

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