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where can i watch all movies in spanish with spanish (!!!!) subtitles?

they can also be translated from english to spanish too.

August 4, 2017



I use Netflix for this and turn on Spanish subtitles with my Apple TV. Some DVDs have both a Spanish audio track and Spanish subtitles. Be aware that sometimes the audio and subtitles don't match for some DVDs. Close-captioning intended for native speakers is best.

Availability of Spanish for both Netflix and DVDs may vary depending on what country/region you are in. I'm in the US so there is a lot of content in Spanish.

  • On Netflix I just watched El Invitado Invisible ( Contratiempo ) - The Invisible Guest ( by means of English subtitles/ captions. It also offered captions in European Spanish)** I enjoyed it. :)


You could watch telanovelas the are filmed in Spanish and often on you tube. My favourite is quien se robo mi vida

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