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Arabic, please Add Arabic

Many People are requesting arabic from your great service

March 8, 2013



Arabic is here. But maybe not 7 years ago....


I'd like to see that as well, the biggest issue with Arabic is that in order to learn the language, the script must first be learned, and it's one that's very, very different from Latin. The learning curve would be huge, even moreso for the script than for the language itself.


It's really easy, cause it's just an alphabet. I learned it in 4 hours the script by self study


Really want this as well! Agree with Iago that the script might be an issue. Maybe they can make the first skill chapter the one focusing on the script?


Yes, please add Arabic! LiveMocha's Arabic is dreadful right now because there is no introduction to the script or way to learn it and the recordings are poor quality. I love DuoLingo for Portuguese and Spanish, so hope Arabic comes soon!

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