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What language should I learn Dutch or German first?

Hello I am Yuv. I have a question. I am Indian and i was wondering what language to learn that will be easier to me. I don't mind if you answer the question and are not Indian. Just for the information I speak Hindi. I am interested into Germanic languages at the minute I am learning Esperanto for fun and I have found it is similar to Dutch and German a bit. I was just interested to know what language should i learn first Dutch or German.

August 4, 2017



Learn the one that interests you the most.

I see you are already doing Spanish, Esperanto, and French. If you learn a lot of languages at once, your progress in each of them will be slower than if you focus on one at a time. Some people do what is called "laddering". This is where you learn Spanish to a reasonably good level: B1 or so. Then you learn "French for Spanish speakers". Then maybe "German for French speakers" and so on. Keep learning new languages from your older learned languages. That way your study time actually helps you improve in two languages instead of just one.


I am continuing Spanish and Esperanto


My motherlanguage is Dutch, but I would recommend to learn German first because you would need it better then Dutch. When you learned German, Dutch will be easier to learn ;)

You can also do Dutch first if thats easier for you. Its also very similar to the English language.

[deactivated user]

    maybe German.


    German is much more useful.

    Dutch is much easier.

    It all depends on you and which one you have more interest in learning. :)

    You can pick Dutch first if you want to start off easier, but I'd pick German first instead. It's more useful and it'll make learning Dutch a piece of cake! :D


    I found Dutch grammar quite a bit easier than German although I am not very aware of the grammar of Hindi so I couldnt tell you which is closest but I think German is harder and if you are going to learn both anyway I'd do Dutch first it is easier and may help with German later


    hi yuv. I hope u r good.and thats a really good decision.well I am learning spanish and French and Portuguese but I have started them already so I am not really good at them.and about your question I THINK German is harder than dutch. I just think u should start dutch first but if u like German more so just do it.this is just my opinion.have fun with studying any language dutch or German.


    German. Much more useful.


    Both are very alike vocabulary-and phrasing-wise. The biggest difference is the grammar; German grammar is quite a bit more complicated than Dutch grammar since it uses cases whereas Dutch does not. Both languages will provide an almost equal base in terms of vocabulary and phrasing if you want to learn other Germanic languages (and especially the other one as they are very similar). It's up to you to choose which one you like to try out. Much luck learning!

    -source: native dutch speaker and learned German in school


    Thanks for all of for commenting I will decide and do it soon thanks for helping me!!!


    Since you already speak English, Dutch might be a bit easier. The grammar is a bit simpler than German, By the way, English is a Germanic language with a lot of borrowing from Latin languages, in particular, but also every language it's ever encountered.


    I spoke to a woman of Dutch heritage from Minnesota years ago who said that when she wanted to study Dutch in college, she had to take a few years of German first. Obviously, you need to do what works best for you, but it seems to me that getting the more difficult language mastered first will be more profitable in the long run. As linguist Barry Farber has said, you get to cash in on 40% of either language's lexicon either way. All the best to you.


    I think German first, thats what I did


    I think German would be a solid foundation for Dutch. You will find it easier to study Dutch if you already know the basics of German, since you will be able to see similarities and differences between them :)

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