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200 learners for Modern Yiddish Course!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, so 9 months ago (Me), (Levi Polasak) and (Israel Polasak), made a huge wonderful Yiddish course on memrise with audio, and I shared a post here in Duolingo by this event and from 3:4 months our Modern Yiddish Course has reached 100 learners so, we also shared a post and now it has just reached 200 learners in memrise and here is the link of our course:-


And I think there are a lot of people who didn't see both of our posts, so here is again announcing for our modern Yiddish course as also it seems to be that Duolingo's Yiddish course will take ages to be completed and also when I saw Duolingo's Yiddish course, it was STANDARD YIDDISH which is really rarely used nowadays and also STANDARD YIDDISH is similar to MODERN YIDDISH, so don't worry about it, you will understand both of them anyway, so we made a course for the MODERN YIDDISH which is used by the natives in their daily lives.

PS:- 1- It is modern Yiddish and not the standard Yiddish, modern Yiddish is the Yiddish spoken by the native speakers (everyday use), so it is the slang not the standard language.

2- The audio is not complete to all the lessons but we will do our best to complete all the audio as soon as possible.

And at last you will receive a Yiddish certificate to appreciate you for finishing the Yiddish tree.

And there is Tips And Notes on every lesson to explain the important things in it.

And now we will make our Yiddish tree bigger and better than before with effective audio and new skills.

August 4, 2017



Thanks for this.


You are welcome :)


I can not wait for the course to be available!!!


what about the duolingo ver?


It will take ages I think, well I think it will be available after 1 year and half or 2 years :(

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