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I have not been on the website in a little while, but I decided to start again today. Usually, I complete a lesson and then copy down the vocab learned in that lesson. However, when I tried to find the list of all the words I have learned, I could not find it. How am I able to access the list? There is no vocab tab like there used to be. If anyone could help me find the list it would be greatly appreciated.

March 27, 2014


Hi! We mentioned this week that we're reworking the vocabulary experience. Something new will be back in late April/early May :)

Sorry to disturb, late April is gone, we have early May, some new information for the users?

Now we have late May...

Yes and the script for Greasemonkey won't function any more, so we really have no vocabulary of any kind. I really can't think of a reason to completely deactivate it. I have the feeling Duolingos' webmasters don't have a testing environment.

Damned...I really liked these short tests by which I could test the knowledge of words, that I saw 4 weeks ago, that I do not know at all... I really do not understand why it was necessary to do changes in the half of January...

We have early June :-)

It's gone. They dropped it with the redesign. Supposedly they're working on a new version.

Thank you very much! Is there any idea when the new version might come out? I found the vocab list as an extremely helpful tool

There is not time frame yet. The first thing to come out will be a Team Feature in April-May. So, I'm thinking the vocab feature won't be back until after that. However, at least one user has created a userscript that restores that feature somehow. I can't recall who though. It might have been added to a wiki page. Try googling Duolingo Wiki Userscript and see if something comes up. Also, try talking with HodOfHod, they create userscripts, they might know who created the one for vocab.

Additionally, users have taken all of the vocab and uploaded it into flashcards for Memrise.

I hope this helps!

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