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  5. "Merele sunt vechi și moi."

"Merele sunt vechi și moi."

Translation:The apples are old and soft.

August 4, 2017



I didt understand why it is moi


How is it that in the sentence "Doua mere fierte" the "e" ending is used and in this sentence both endings are "I?" That confuses me. We're still talking about apples.


apple (fruit, not tree) is neutral, so singular is masculine and plural is feminine. Vechi and Moi both have only one form for plural (both masculine and feminine). - vechi : masc sin - vechi; masc plu - vechi; fem sin - veche; fem plu - vechi; - moale : masc sin - moale; masc plu - moi; fem sin - moale; fem plu - moi.

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