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What are your top 4 languages to learn?

[deactivated user]

    It will take quite a bit of time, but I want to be multilingual someday, and I'm sure most of you want to be too lol.

    With that being said, my top 4 languages to become functional in, are-Japanese, Spanish, French, and I haven't picked a fourth yet :/ But I do have about 4 yours of learning Japanese. I just need to work on speaking and listening skills to comfortably call myself an upper intermediate.

    What are your top 4 languages?


    August 4, 2017



    Top 4 languages:

    1) Spanish, because that's my native language.

    2) English, because it is an international language.

    3) German, because i find it an interesting and useful language.

    4) Russian, because i would love to move there.

    Even though i understand Portuguese and Italian a bit, i'm not planning to master them actually.

    P.S: Feel free to correct me, if i have a typo/mistake.


    That's really neat! I hope you succeed! And also find that fourth language. XD

    I'd love to be multilingual as well! I have 7 languages in what I call my language bucket list, counting Italian, which I've actually learned a lot of by now.

    In my top 4, counting Italian, are: Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and German. :)

    [deactivated user]

      That's a lot of languages! I've been waiting to max out the Spanish tree before beginning French. Are you taking them all at once?


      Thank you!! :) If you need any help with Spanish, by the way, I'll be glad to help! I'm a native speaker, Puerto Rican. :D

      That's a good choice, since Spanish is a huge, widely-spoken language. It's extremely beneficial to know it. I mean, the hottest song worldwide right now is a song in Spanish, "Despacito". XD

      Answering your question, nope, I'm not! For now, I'm only learning French and Portuguese, until both trees are complete and golden. Then I'll go onto German and Dutch, and when I finish those two, I'll study the last two on my language bucket list: Russian and Greek. :D

      I do half a week one language and the other half the other language I'm studying. On Wednesdays, I interchange and do both.


      How sufficient would you say you are in Italian and how long have you learnt it for?


      Right now, I'd say I'm probably at about B2 or C1. I understand a lot, even more if an Italian speaks slowly. I can form sentences easily and speak it with ease, writing it seems a bit easier for me, though. What would really help is to live in Italy for a little while! XD

      I've been learning it for four years. :D


      My top is German, then Spanish, then Greek.


      mine is:

      1: french

      2: spanish

      3: portuguese

      4: italian

      also i really like welsh


      German, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese

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      English (want to get C2 certificate soon), German (want to get B2 certificate soon and hopefully C1 or even C2 certificate in the future), French (no plans to get a certificate but to be A2 or B1 level would be nice) and Slovak (get even better in my neighbor language, since I am Czech).


      Ally, I thought you could understand any german videos without problem? That seems higher than B2, more like C1... so I thought.

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      Yes I can, I guess speaking part would be most challenging for me in German ... so that's why I would probably go first for B2 certificate. Going straight for C1 just feels too daring, but who knows :-)


      I speak, imperfectly but functionally, Russian, Hebrew, French and Esperanto (and natively, English.). French I studied in school but have very little passion for, and Esperanto was for fun ;) Hebrew and Russian are the languages which I want to really be fluent in. (I used to be fluent in Russian, and I'm currently struggling back towards fluency...) I would also reeeeally like to learn Estonian. So those are my three major language focuses... I honestly don't know what would be my fourth... but those are my definite top three!


      I don't really have 4, since I have enough trouble motivating myself to stay on top of one, but for purely hypothetical purposes:

      1- French, because most of the good sources on subjects I'm interested in are in French. And I want to go to Brittany.

      2- Russian, for similar reasons to French, although I've been putting this one off.

      3- Spanish, because I'd like to go to South America. Still a bit of a "maybe" though.

      4- Maybe something like Breton or Welsh.


      French, Danish, English and.... (I hope to find out in the future)


      Chinese- German- Romanian- Welsh/Guaraní


      I have a random guestion.. How do you even remember all those languages you are learning know!?


      Cause they are all pretty similar, like Catalan, Spanish and French. Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, or German and Dutch.

      • American Sign Language (ASL) ❤ ❤ ❤
      • Spanish
      • Japanese
      • Trigedasleng


      I used this site to learn ASL basics, it has videos, grammar explainations and pretty good exercises to do as well as deaf culture information


      I dont know what level you are at so sorry if this is kind of patronising


      My top 4 languages are: German, Spanish, Italian and maybe either Dutch, Portuguese, or Russian. Maybe French would be my 5th option, but German is the one I'm focusing on right now :)


      Japanese for sure, but after that it gets hard for me to choose, because I’m fighting between my own interests and practicality since I’d like a job where I can use the language. For example, I really like Norwegian, but from what I’ve researched, my impression is that they’re probably too good at English and don’t need translators. :(


      1. Japanese
      2. Spanish
      3. Korean
      4. Either Mandarin, Cantonese, or Polish


      Hmm. In terms of the ones I want to learn, I'd say my top 4 are German, Hungarian, Italian and Czech (but for now Esperanto takes Czech's spot since it isn't out yet).


      Oh wow, only 4? I have a list of languages that i'd really like to learn :p
      • Korean ❤
      • Mandarin
      • Thai
      • Hindi


      If you live in Europa I would learn: German, French, Spanish and Swedish If you live in USA I would learn: Brazilian Portuguese, French & Spanish

      But at the end every language is usefull. Also my top 4 languages are: Swedish, Italian, German and French.


      I got five. Spanish, French, German, Norwegian and Slovak (although I'll be using the Czech tree until when/if Slovak gets here, which may not happen because the two languages are quite similar.)


      My top four are German, Dutch, Irish and LoTR Elven (if Duolingo ever comes out with something like that lol)


      All languages are so different and unique, and each has its own beauty! Although this seems to be a hard question to respond to, I think I can easily narrow it down to four languages: Swedish, ASL, Portuguese, and Japanese. These languages also are unique and useful, and really love the communication of American Sign language.


      I used this site to learn ASL basics, it has videos, grammar explainations and pretty good exercises to do as well as deaf culture information



      Quinnn, I absolutely love LifePrint! The corresponding youtube channel, Bill Vicars is great. I think it has more lessons than the website. :)


      Woah i have not seen that before ill check it out now, thanks!


      Thanks for the link! I'm pretty sure I've heard about Lifeprint once or twice, but I'll be sure to check it out at some point.


      spanish italian turkish and french <3


      I am a native English speaker, I love Spanish(&Catalan), Tiếng Việt, 日本語,and I am learning others but those three are my favorite


      My top languages are Japanese, French, Mandarin and one of Scandinavian language - I am not sure which one.

      I also would like to be able to use practical German in speech, know some Korean, Spanish, maybe one Slavic language cause one of them is my native and it will be simple for me (probably I will start Czech).

      Japanese definitely -once I promised myself to have better Japanese than English. And I am something like B2 in English.


      My top four would have to be Dutch, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Danish. But my god, that's a tough question to answer!


      My top is Spanish, Enlgish , Swedish and Russian


      When I was at school I learned that the most "important" languages (at least at that time) were: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Working with Italian and French at the moment


      Spanish Norwegian Korean Japanese

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