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A message from Team Korean

[deactivated user]

    Hello Duolinguists

    as of 2017-08-04, the Korean for English speakers course is 96 percent complete (1708/1787) We hope to launch somewhere around late-August to early-September. An exciting news for you all, Korean will support the all new character challenge initially developed for Japanese. However, would mean that Korean will initially be released mobile only due to constraints currently existing on web for character challenges. However, the web version will be released as soon as character challenges are implemented, so no worries on that part. Thank you for your understanding. We are working hard to bring you the best Korean course in the history of mankind, and hopefully we do not disappoint! :)

    -Team Korean


    This message is also posted on the Incubator. However, due to the nature of the message, I felt it warranted another post. Team Korean values communication much. :) Thank you all for your support!

    August 4, 2017



    If any person from Team Korean reads this, can you please post the notes on a secondary website and post the link in the forum? I've lost all interest in Japanese because I don't have the notes to support my learning of such a complicated (different) language. It would be nice to read the notes for each section in order to obtain a better understanding of the grammar.

    [deactivated user]


      That's great to hear! Thank you!


      Thank you so much! I am really looking forward to the notes!


      Awesome! Thank you for giving us a Korean course, Team Korean! I highly doubt anyone who takes the future Korean course will be disappointed. Thank you so much for your work in the Incubator. So many people have been waiting so long and so desperately for this course. Totally awesome that it will soon be released in beta.


      I agree, this warrants a post in the forums. Great news!! I'm looking forward to seeing this course when it releases, and I know you're super conscientious and doing a great job. Thank you!!!


      Are you going to learn Korean?


      Korean and Czech are on my "want to learn" list of languages. I don't know if I can maintain four or not but I hope to. I have to admit, Spanish and French are difficult for me to manage now, with my other real life demands :(

      How about you?


      Czech and Korean seem hard to me at the moment but I will have a look at the courses. Even Danish seemed a bit daunting to me, however the tips and notes were really really well set out and helped me understand it!


      for your danish interests I can highly recommend the danish national tv chain's website and app https://www.dr.dk/tv/. there is a lot of programming available to stream outside of denmark and for most shows closed captioning (untertekster) in danish is available-so helpful as fully one third of the letters in any given word are silent.


      Do you happen to have any information of how far Duolingo is with implementing the character challanges on the web?


      Does this mean no typing in Korean then? I was personally looking forward to typing it out with duolingo to get use to the keyboard more :(. If I remember correctly in the Japanese course you only tap words to form the sentences and only type English out. Sure there is memrise on web, but I don't care for the timed aspect when practicing typing lol.

      I am still excited though! 감사합니다!


      You do indeed remember correctly. Sadly, the lack of typing in Japanese and lack of tips and notes make it very hard for me to learn, at least for the moment. It's currently on my back burner. =(


      Yeah, I think the act of actually typing things out helps the learning process as well. I do use Korean memrise decks on my phone a lot but that consists of tap the syllable to make the word, which has made it where I do know the word, but when I go down to write it out myself I may have forgotten which vowel to actually use because I never had to put the thought into which vowel it actually was. Physically writing or typing things out imo is a big help!

      The Korean writing system (Hangul) is pretty easy to get down since it is an alphabet, with vowels and consonants. But there are those tricky few vowels that sound the same lol.


      Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


      aw man! I was hoping it would be available on the web sooner, but at least it will be a step closer! Thanks for posting. :) I'm sure you wont disappoint us!!


      Yep, it's great to get a progress report. Us web users will just have to be patient.


      oh, of course! :)


      Cool, can't wait!


      Thanks for the heads up!


      Thanks for posting this, since some users might not have seen the update in the incubator. Also, looking forward to the release of the Korean course! ^_^


      Excellent news! How exciting :D


      Would you please make Korean course be on Android before %100 as Japanese course?


      Glad to hear that there is still going to be a web version. Korean is on my "will learn eventually list", so I'm looking forward to it!


      this really seems unnecessary for Korean as the language has a set alphabet and number system(s). combined with an inevitable wait time for a web release and the lack of in-app tips and notes i'm honestly a little (a lot) disappointed , if the devs think this will be beneficial i suppose i'll hold further critique until the course is officially released. though, i'm now much more skeptical of it.

      [deactivated user]

        We requested it


        1) Will it be available for Android?

        2) when you say a new character challenge developed for Japanese do you mean you will not be teaching us using Hangul?

        [deactivated user]
          1. Yes

          2. No, we will be teaching us Hangeul using the Japanese character challange system


          Dankon! Thank you!


          Very excited to hear this! I've been waiting for Korean from English since...English from Korean, so it's a been a long time coming and I trust y'all have done an amazing job on the course. :)


          Thank you all so much for your hard work and make sure to take some breaks. Don't go pushing yourself too hard. ^^

          Team Korean Hwaiting~!

          [deactivated user]

            Team Korean Thank you! Looking forward to it!

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