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Hello my friends how was your summer going

Hi, guys i'm happy to see you guys today tell me how was your summer going

August 4, 2017

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Hi ! I'm working during all the summer ! But I spend my week ends on the beach in France ! So it's cool :-) And you ? Where do you live ?


i'm living in New Jersey Toms River,nice to me you


Hi ! It was fine. And what about you, how was it for you...?


it was so cool, thanks for asking


I'm live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and this summer is not hot but many time, It is rain a bit each day. This summer, is the 375 of Montreal and i participate are many activities. It's really interesting.


Hi ! What is 375 of Montreal ? Travelling to Canada is a dream for me !! I hope one day I will visit your country.

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