"I am afraid that he did not make coffee."

Translation:J'ai peur qu'il n'ait pas fait le café.

August 4, 2017

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"Préparé" was given as the first suggestion, then marked wrong in favour of "fait". I wrote "...il n'ait pas préparé le café". Is this wrong?


There might be a mistake in the beginning of your sentence with "préparé".


hi SITESURF please can you tell me how do i can make a difference between DU CAFE and DE CAFE ????? please i always use the wrong one


In negative sentences, the direct object loses its article:

  • ... qu'il n'ait pas/plus/jamais... fait... de café


understood, but in this case why he kept the article "LE" i mean according to you answer qu'il n'ait pas/plus/jamais... fait... DE café which doesnt confirm DUO's answer which is qu'il n'ait pas fait LE café. Sorry i cant differentiate anything for this DUO question ? any help would be appreciated ?


The difference between "faire du café" and "faire le café", in this context is as follows:

  • j'ai peur qu'il n'ait pas fait de café: he has probably anticipated our visit in many aspects, but since he only drinks tea, I'm afraid he has not made coffee.

  • j'ai peur qu'il n'ait pas fait le café: usually, after lunch, he does, but today with all those events, he might not have found the time to make the (post-lunch) coffee.


When the sentence is negative, partitive and indefinite articles disappear and the bare preposition "de" is used instead:

  • il fait du café -- il ne fait pas de café
  • il fait le café -- il ne fait pas le café

So my previous explanation is still valid.


thanks again but unfortunately i didnt explain my question very well , i was asking for the DE vs DU not DE vs LE ???? sorry for what happened ?

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