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New test badges on the Android app?

I'm very curious about them. Does anyone have a screenshot?

Thanks! :)

August 4, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Edit: Updated with fully gilded set.


    Much appreciated! :)

    [deactivated user]

      It was no trouble, just glad to help out :-) and thnx for lingots :-D


      Hello, how did you get the shiny badge ? I have completed a tree, it's fully golden ... but I didn't get this badge.


      Hi Usagi. I have them. I can't take a screen shot, but until someone does, here are what you can earn badges for: Wildfire (maintaining a streak, gold level is for a 30 day streak), Big Spender (spend 20 Lingots) Friendly (Follow 3 friends) Wizard (Equip a Streak Freeze), Overachiever (to get gold, you need to earn 200XP in one day), Shiny (gold level-to have all your skills on the tree need to be gold), Inner Circle (join or create a club), Overtime (gold is to meet your daily goal on a Saturday and Sunday), Champion (gold-conquer a course), Sharpshooter (gold level is to do 20 lessons or practices without getting anything wrong).


      Thank you Jolynne!


      I really like the new badges. However I think it is kind of sad, that the first Wizard Level (equip a streak freeze) is only possible if I skip a day of duolingo. I already have a streak freeze (just to be safe) and I haven't missed a day in over a year. So I guess I won't see all of them in gold any time soon...


      Oh wow! That sharpshooter badge is intense!


      It's not in a row or anythign just overall


      Ah ok. That seems more achievable. Still impressive though. :)


      Indeed. I tried it earlier this afternoon, and I am now trying it again. I have managed to squeeze out 13 out of 20 lessons without making any mistakes.


      I really liked the traveler achievement which recognized a different time zone... I thought it was a creative use of their data. But perhaps it was too complicated, or didn't directly relate to language learning or app usage.

      Maybe someday there will be language-specific achievements, and they could give you an achievement for visiting a time zone that is home to a country that uses it as their native language. That would be really cool.


      my sharpshooter badge is stuck at 17, and stopped counting.


      Same thing has happened to me at 8. What's going on DL?


      I have stopped at 20. It seems that is as far as you can get. Pity, I’d like it to continue, it adds interest and motivates me to be more careful. Real feel of satisfaction when you get every one right, not the easiest thing because after a while your concentration weakens!

      [deactivated user]

        Mine is stuck at 11.

        EDIT: You need to find the language on which you first started the badge, then get them correct on that language.


        What is a "Champion"? I haven't conquered any course. <sigh> But I received the badge.


        It's supposed to be when you finish a course. You are at level 15 in French... I'm also at level 15 and I finished the French tree long ago. If you have finished every skill in that tree at least once, then you would be awarded the badge. It looks like you've probably finished Spanish, too. When you finish a course, a little owl trophy appears beneath the last skill.

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        I'm curious whether the "Weekend Amulet" count as a streak freeze for the first stage of the Wizard achievement? Guess I'll find out this coming weekend.

        The achievement doesn't give credit for a regular streak freeze that's already equipped, so I'd actually have to deliberately miss a day so to use it up and then equip a new one... which I'm a little loath to do.


        It appears that the first stage is streak freeze, second stage is weekend amulet, gold stage is win a double or nothing wager. Obviously these achievements are targeting new or inactive users, not us Duolingo fanatics, but hopefully they will eventually allow this achievement to recognize already purchased streak freezes. I too can go for a really long time without using my streak freeze, but I just went on a long international trip where I had to use it, so I got to see all stages of this achievement almost immediately.


        Flim_, I'm curious too. Would you get back to us about that after you try it out?

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        Turns out the Weekend Amulet doesn't count. Seems it has to be the actual "Streak Freeze" to qualify

        The Wizard achievement needs to be re-tooled to count currently-equipped freezes (or to count Weekend Amulets), the same way the Wildfire achievement takes account of existing streaks.

        Otherwise it's actively encouraging people to avoid practicing for a day to reset their freeze, which runs the risk (however small) of them actually losing their streak, which in turn risks demotivating and losing them as users.

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