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Number of Followers Bugged


I think my number of followers is bugged. I'm always getting notifications on new followers, but my numbers aren't really going up. A couple of days ago I had 590, but I think I should have about 600 now, and it says I have only 592. I know that more people than that have friended me because I've been getting notifications. I suppose there's a possibility that people click "friend" then instantly unfriend, but that seems unlikely.

Totally not a big deal, (it's not like I need more followers or something) ;-) but it would be nice if I knew what was going on.


March 27, 2014



Maybe you lost some followers, or their accounts have been deactivated or suspended.



I'm going to guess that most likely, they have left Duolingo. But, in case it is a glitch, you've posted this to the right forum. Thanks for doublechecking. If it is a glitch, it will be good to get it patched :)


If you were working your way through the site 'following' everyone, then anyone who accepted and returned the favour would then have found their stream full of row after row of 'makemusic just followed x, y and 5 other people' over and over again. Which means that if they were trying to see what anyone else was doing, they probably unfollowed you for a bit.


I don't think that shows on your stream. My stream only shows my activity.


'Activity', then.


eassuu, I can see when other people follow people via Activity stream. I don't think it's strictly part of 'mod vision' though. (it could be though >.>)


Ah OK. I never noticed that Activity tab.

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