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"They have a peach and two crepes."

Translation:Ei au o piersică și două clătite.

August 4, 2017



I dropped "ei" and it was marked wrong? - "au o piersică și două clătite". I'm guessing the reason is that this is a group of both men and women?


It should be right, i did the same and it said it was wrong


It's wierd when duo corrects a word thats printed on a box. Weren't the box guy and the writing guy talking to each other ?


As far as I know, they don't only list words suitable for the given sentence. They only prioritize those meanings in the list but they list other meanings of the word as well.


why doua instead of doi?


clătită is a "feminine" word and therefore the plural will be with două. Should it be "masculine", the plural would be doi.

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