I wish...

I wish Timed Practice was on IOS, that should be the next update!

August 4, 2017


I think it should be 45 seconds long though, for IOS and computer...

How long is it usually?

30 seconds. More like 15, TBH.

What the heck? I meant that the timed practices gave you 30 seconds to do the practice, and it gave you a couple more seconds every time you got a question right, but the 30 seconds seems like 15. Interesting picture though.

I know what you meant I just put that picture there because of the amount of time they give you

Must be some reason why they didn't yet

I know this is off topic TwistingNether, but I like your profile image of Rayquaza. ^_^

Not sure. I don't like timed practice because since you are going so fast, you will probably overthink it or misspell it, and misspelling is usually marked as wrong. Also, if you can't type fast, you may only do a couple problems. These are just my problems with it though.

My impression is that the time practice is faster since the last upgrade. One mistake and you are finished.

Maybe it should be 45 seconds long

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. The timed practices feel significantly harder now.

Well, most people can type faster on a computer, so maybe that's why they don't have it yet.

I can't type fast enough on my phone for timed practice!

That's also a good point

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