August 4, 2017

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What is the singular?


"Embe", the singular of "maembe", is an early borrowing from an Indo-Iranian language. Some examples of Indo-Iranian cognate words related to "embe" are Marathi "आंबा" (āmbā) and Hindustani "आम/آم‎" (ām), from Sanskrit "आम्र" (āmra), and Persian "انبه"‎ (anbe).


Mangos is an alternative plural that should be accepted. It is given as an option in the hints, but when I type it in, it says I have a typo and it should be Mangoes. This is the only way I can report, because typos do not allow you to say "My answer should be accepted", sadly. (I did report "Something else went wrong", but that might not be very clear for the recipient of the report.)

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