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  5. "Wir kommen aus Brasilien."

"Wir kommen aus Brasilien."

Translation:We are from Brazil.

August 4, 2017



Are We are from Brazil and We come from Brazil Accepted answers?


can you say wir sind aus Brasilien?


Honestly, I'm not sure, from what I know personally Germans are very direct. One meaning in English could mean something completely different and/or totally literal in German.


If Brazil is Brasilien, what is Brazilian?


If Brazil is Brasilien, what is Brazilian?

The adjective is brasilianisch (e.g. eine brasilianische Stadt = a Brazilian city); a person from Brazil is ein Brasilianer; eine Brasilianerin "a Brazilian".


Why the answer "We are coming from Brazil" was rejected?


Because whilst you might understand what it means, that is not correct English. That sentence suggest something different in English. To 'come from' a country suggests that it is your native country, where you were born, where you grew up. It suggests something that you are. To be 'coming from' a country suggests something that you are doing, and that you are simply travelling from there. Just the same as 'I CAME from' would mean something slightly different, that would suggest something you do or were in the past.


Although Google translate does accept that. I had the same question. In fact, what if I want to convey that I am coming from Brazil in the travel lingo.


komme aus= come from/are from both are correct


Shouldn't "We came from Brazil" be a correct translation? :-)


No, because you used a past-tense verb "came" and the German sentence uses a present-tense verb kommen.

"We come from Brazil" (with a present-tense verb) is accepted, however.


No, actually. I just used "We come from Brazil" and it rejected me.


What about we are coming from brazil?


The only answer I could make with the word options was "We are coming from Brazil" and that confused me a bit. That sounds like you're saying that you in the action of going somewhere from Brazil rather than simply being or Brazilian origin.


How about introducing the spelling of new words BEFORE using them in a solely listening exercise. Sorry had to vent.


How could i possibly be expected to know the correct spelling of Brazilian? Unfair.

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