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I'm starting to feel like Sisyphus . . .

. . . every time I sign in I have a pile of medallions to turn back into gold!

The entire tree is gold (at the moment), but it's a lot of work to keep it that way!

August 4, 2017



you dont have to keep it gold, just do the ones that you know you need to work on and leave the rest


Albert Camus wrote that we must imagine Sisyphus as happy. If it brings you joy, keep that tree gold!


Awesome...didn't know that reference...Thanks Sir...
Oh, and sorry you feel that way...I also try to keep all in Gold...But with three languages is just not doable (for me), so I give more attention to those units I feel I'm weak at...
Hope you too find relief soon, and have more fun, inside and outside Duolingo, while learning....Deutsch...


No physical work is required. Focus on learning ang not the color of the tree.


Just follow the advice of all those who have written here. Don't worry about the gold go for the learning. Do some work every day, avoid stress, avoid frustration. There are no mythical gods hovering over you to pressure you.


I got German to gold 3 times. I'm now trying to get Swedish to gold for the first time. It feels like crawling on hands and knees up a down escalator.


It's not done till it's been gold at least once :-)


Install the user script "Duolingo skill strength viewer" on the web.

It works with base/source language English as of V0.2 - even for the new migrated Duo (Scala) web portal.

Camilo's "Duo tree enhancer" script is another must have.

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