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A question

Is there anywhere for French learners to chat and practice their French with each other?

August 4, 2017



Salut! Considering that Doulingo recently removed the activity stream, there really isn't any place solely for chatting on this site anymore. Your best bet would be to strike up a French conversation here on the discussion board. Which is what I've been doing with German for a while.


Smart idea! It's the only way to chat here now, anyway. :/


Well, you can join clubs and even create your own. In the app, click on the language you desire from your list and go to the clubs. It's the third icon, the shield, at the bottom of the screen.


You can't really talk in clubs


My bad. :( Then no, I'm sorry. There should be.

You can always look for apps that let you do that for language learning purposes.


If you use the chat program discord, there's a server for /r/French, which is meant specifically for learning.


If you don't have discord or don't know what it is, then here's its website https://discordapp.com/

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