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Labs in French


When will be Labs in French?

August 4, 2017



Duolingo is not currently working on Labs in French and it's still unclear whether they ever will. They are doing a proof of concept for Portuguese and Spanish. If it works out for those two languages, then they are likely to consider Stories in other languages. If that happens, then I'm sure that French would be one of the first.

To find information and communication from Duolingo, keep an eye on the stickies at the top of the popular tab in the discussion forum. That's where you'll find the post already mentioned.



Thank you for shedding further light on this for me. I will look out for more information.


Who knows? Whenever the Duolingo team can manage it. They can't just grab labs out of thin air. People have to participate. I think that they are working on French stories, but YOU have to do something about Events. Check this link out.


Hope this helps.


Hi Woof

Thank you for responding although the tone of you response leaves me wondering if you read more into my question than the words on the page. I asked a simple question, why does it warrant you writing "Who knows? Whenever the Duolingo team can manage it. They can't just grab labs out of thin air. People have to participate". If you are in a position to speak on behalf of the Duolingo team and are aware that their workload is making French Labs impractical at the moment, simply state that. Alternatively, if the Duolingo team asked for language specific input to develop the Labs, I missed it but I am prepared to contribute.

You go on to state "YOU have to do something about Events". Despite being irritated further by your response, I still visited the link. As I do not speak Spanish or Portuguese, I am no clearer what I can contribute, besides simply saying that I look forward to the Labs being delivered in a language I can contribute in, and that I endorse the idea of linking completion of work in the Labs to being awarded ingots.

So, I would still appreciate finding out whether anyone out there knows or can give an informed indication of when or if French Labs will be introduced, or link me to any directions that were issued on how to contribute.


As the link says the Duolingo team do not know when stories will graduate from Beta and other languages will be added when it does.

However it may take a lot of difficulty to create labs. I am not sure exactly how they do it but a team of people proficient in the langage must be assembled and work closely together to think up and create many ( 40 at the moment for bith ES and Pr ) stories that will be beneficial to learners, i know that it would take me a rather long time to find the idea for a story that would help english learner so i can only imagine the difficulty in rounding up multiple teams of people all speaking different languages (and are volunteers) and then getting all the work done.

Woof was only repeating what the duolingo staff has been telling us, that being that stories are time consuming so other languages will be rolled out sowly after beta and they do not know when that will be. I find nothing wrong with his tone however your response did appear rather rude to me and any irritation you felt was self inflicted

I do not believe duolingo was asking for volunteers on labs and are most likely using the volunteers who created the trees, you would not be able to contribute anyway unless you decided to come on here to learn your own language....

So in response to your questions: Nobody knows when they will be released into other languages and You most likely cannot contribute


In case you would like to hear it from other people:


And many many more if you type labs into the discussion search bar


Thank you, the background and context was much appreciated. Thanks again.


I am sorry that my tone sounded irritated. As for the link, that was for stories, not events. My point was, French stories may take a while, or never come, and by saying ''YOU have to do something about events.'' I meant that Duolingo is most likely not going to make an event for French in your area, thus you either have to wait for one or make one yourself. I can assure you that the question you posted was not irritating to me, as my reply was to you. I was merely trying to answer your question best as I could. Sorry for my accidental rudeness.


I remember on another query that there were not people available to put together stories in french at this time. It seems to be dependent on who is available to build this feature.

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