"I swim every week."


August 4, 2017




August 4, 2017


Is this form of the answer accepted already, anyone?

December 13, 2017



February 15, 2018


When is it correct to use the particle "は" after a time phrase? I often see "今日は..." but in this sentence "毎週は泳ぎます。" was marked incorrect. Is this an oversight in the course or are there certain situations where "は" is not used?

October 21, 2017


は marks something as the topic of discussion, so it really depends on whether that particular time is intended to be the topic of discussion or not. So, it's not really an oversight, but more certain sentences focusing more on the time and certain sentences focusing less on the time. As far as I know, は cannot be used for unknown times like "何日". Also important to mention is that に cannot be used with relative times, such as 今日, 昨日, or 明日.

October 24, 2017


For anyone reading this in the future, temporal nouns are a bit weird in the sense that sometimes can act directly on a verb as it were an adverb, this behavior falls on the category of adverbial nouns. So if you see a temporal noun like 毎週、月曜日、来月 directly added onto the start of the sentence you can assume that is being mentioned to affect the verb. Sometimes this is also just a particle being skipped on speech (duo sometimes adds a comma in between) but if you compare legal documents with speech you realize that this particular behavior of temporal nouns is accepted as grammatically correct by japanese people. The difference between declaring the time as a topic (using は) is the stress on the time you are mentioning, otherwise is just mentioning the change of the verb in a temporal line.

August 29, 2019


毎(まい)Every ____

毎日(まいにち)Every day/daily

毎月(まいつき or まいげつ)Every month/monthly

毎年(まいねん)Every year/anually

December 30, 2017


毎年 is commonly pronounce for まいとし

April 10, 2018


my shoe!

December 5, 2017


I just realized that I submitted a bug report saying the correct answer is wrong when I forgot swim is spelled およぎ. I kept thinking the お is supposed to be the particle を. I totally forgot およぎ had お in it.

December 6, 2017


Would 毎週はすいえいをします be an option?

November 1, 2018
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