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Big Smile French Club

Hi team members! Post here, I'll send some lingots! Wish real chat existed for groups, but then, maybe it would just devolve to flame wars as usually happens with open discussion.

Anyway, post here with suggestions, comments, questions...or even flames.

August 5, 2017



While Duolingo doesn't allow casual chat in the forums, I like that you are asking for input on what people would like to get out of a French club.

I was part of a Spanish book club on Duolingo a couple of years back and it was really helpful for me while it was active. Staff allowed us to create one post a week. We still couldn't chat casually, but, we could respond to question prompts about what we were reading, and discuss the book.

Good luck! :)


Will Duolingo ever add a casual chat in the Duolingo Clubs? because I think that would be very helpful to practice in another language.


I don't know. But, honestly I hope not for safety reasons.

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