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  5. "Мы уже открыли эту коробку."

"Мы уже открыли эту коробку."

Translation:We already opened this box.

August 5, 2017



The audio for коробку is wrong, the emphasis should be on the second O, корОбку


Yeah, the male voice says коробку wrong; the female voice makes the beginning sound like "Муже…". I don't know if reporting will help, I think those voices might be the only ones they have ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I think "we HAVE already opened this box" must be the default translation


We already opened this box is quite common in American English but on the other hand, we've already opened this box is more appropriate by way of grammar. However, taking into account the past tense in the Russian version they tend to use the past tense in English


Now this is illogical - the Russian past tense ought to cover both 'opened' and 'have opened'! Why aren't both accepted here?


Why is the perfective used here? I would think if you're referring to an action that happened in the past but without focusing on the time instant at which it happened the imperfective should be used.


The action is one-time only and is completed. It therefore takes the perfective form.


Yes you are right


Uzhe means by now so most likely it's perfective.


You opened the box - we came!

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