"He hesitates to love her passionately."

Translation:Anh ấy lưỡng lự yêu cô ấy một cách nồng nàn.

August 5, 2017

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so what is the literal translation of this sentence? "He hesitates to love her in a passionate way"??? because it has "mot" in there, so must be a noun phrase.


"một cách" is adv. Ex :

Passionately (adv) : [Một cách] nồng nàn.

Silently (adv) : [Một cách] lặng lẽ.

Untidily (adv) : [Một cách] bừa bãi.


So... what is Ahn ta? It's indicated as an alternative answer in the multiple choice, but every other time I've seen it, it's been wrong. Does it have a different nuance?


Maybe you were marked wrong for typo - it's 'anh ta', not 'ahn ta'.


No, that was a typo in my comment above, sorry for the confusion. Every time I have seen "Anh ta" before, it has been in a multiple-choice exercise, and every time it has been listed as an option, that option has been a wrong answer. This is the first (and so far only) time I have encountered a multiple-choice exercise in which one of the "correct" options included the term "Anh ta". I looked it up and Wikipedia says that it's more informal?


Well, there is a slight difference, but not significant at all. They are interchangeable. You may want to report that.


Anh ấy lưỡng lự yêu cô ấy đam mê. This should be accepted as well

<h1>Peter83... In this sentence, "Passionately" is an adverb, so you must add "một cách" : Một cách nồng nàn (/đam mê /dữ dội /...)</h1>
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