Language drops app

I've written this before. But again I will recommend the app called "drops". It's really visual and good looking lots of vocabulary with pronunciation. And they have a alphabet category.

I feel it really fits together with this Duolingo course since this is not so easy to learn thw sounds of the individual words here.

Drops helps us that have no immersion with actual hebrew speakers, to better learn hebrew. And to stay motivated.

I'm in no way paid to promote this company. I just pointed out a bug once, and got an slightly upgraded plan worth some dollars. (Don't know exactly how much it was worth, but that was nice of them) but I have in no way been told to promote their product.

I just feel it works well in conjunction with this hebrew Duolingo course.

I'm personally taking a little break from hebrew. But I think it is an ancient and so important language. Thathas influenced the whole world.

So I wish all that want to learn it the best chance in doing so. Even if you just to want to learn a little (like me) or become fluent.❤️❤️

Martin שלום

August 5, 2017


Do you know how many levels are free? Martin

January 7, 2018

Haven't checked the app just recently. But last time i checked the free plan had 5 minutes each day. And all levels where free, but you have to unlock them.

January 7, 2018
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