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How do I learn German best? To speak?

My question

August 5, 2017



Speak German, listen to German media, music, etc. Arte and ZDF are good tv channels.


My language learning process in a nutshell: Basic Vocab->Reading->Writing->Listening->Self-talk->Conversations. The steps overlap of course, but I wanted to emphasize the order in which I usually start them. Worked very well for me with French and currently does with other languages.


You can go to google to search for some more learning methods. And you also have to try


Speak to some German specialists or join any Spanish classroom to improve yourself. Or else you could view the duolingo beta dates and if u could find time, u could contact some of the organisers and confirm with them if u r nearby and visit them....

[deactivated user]

    I think the best way to learn any language is face-to-face with a teacher who's a native speaker or at least quite fluent. Unfortunately this option isn't available to all. Perhaps you can find some suitable resources to help your German studies here.

    You could also try asking in the German forum, or move this comment to the German forum. They might have some helpful suggestions :-)


    Hallo Chris,

    Via dit overzicht kun je heel veel mogelijkheden vinden voor veel talen
    "Can you give some links about many languages: Overview [learn / resource / URL]"

    Zelf vind ik het heel leerzaam om naar Duitse televisiezenders te kijken. De Duitse ondertiteling kun je vaak aanzetten via de teletekstpagina van de betreffende zender.


    We all learn differently. You can start learning by doing Duolingo (computer not the app), taking some of youtube lessons such as German with Ania and German with Jenny and the exercises, get a German grammar book and do all the exercises. When you reach a certain level get a language partner (there are many apps for this), I learn by writing and practicing grammar, some people prefer talking. dw.com has good free courses with exercises. Try to listen to music and watch German TV. If you have the money hire a private tutor online, the cheapest are about US$15.00

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