"a stallion, two stallions"

Translation:un armăsar, doi armăsari

August 5, 2017

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How to know when the noun is neuter?


'Două' marked as error?


Armăsar is a masculine noun, so you have to use the masculine forms of one and two with it: un armăsar, doi armăsari.

I will give you two more examples of a feminine and a neuter noun, to point out the difference:

carte (= book; feminine noun): o carte, două cărţi

creion (= pencil; neuter noun): un creion, două creioane

As you can see, the neuter noun (as any neuter noun) behaves like a masculine noun in the singular and like a feminine noun in the plural. So unlike, say, some Slavic languages, where the neuter gender has its own identity, in Romanian it is more of a mix between masculine and feminine.

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