"She will leave the hospital soon."

Translation:Sie wird das Krankenhaus bald verlassen.

March 8, 2013



This seems to violate the "time-manner-place" sentence order. Shouldn't "bald" be before "das Krankenhaus"?

March 8, 2013


No, the order is correct. Cheers!

July 23, 2013


But "bald" is the manner, and "das Krankenhaus" is the place, right? So the TMP order implies bald before das Krankenhaus, if I understand correctly.

October 20, 2013


I don't think TMP includes the direct object of the sentence, which 'das Krankenhaus' is in this case.

I'm not a native so please correct me if I'm wrong but as I was taught it, TMP in German mostly relates to adverbial phrases and prepositional phrases. So, if 'das Krankenhaus' were part of a prepositional phrase, it would of course be as you said. If the sentence were something like 'Sie wird (heute,als Patient, usw.) ins Krankenhaus gehen', then you would need to pay attention to the position of where the Place phrase is relative to those of Time and Manner.

December 29, 2013


I wonder if since bald is modifying verlassen, that it has to be "close" to verlassen instead of wird

June 16, 2015


"... bald das Krankenhaus..." was accepted.

September 12, 2014


"Sie wird das Krankenhaus bald abfahren" war nicht akzeptiert. Warum?

September 20, 2014


Abfahren seems to be to depart in a vehicle http://www.dict.cc/?s=leave

October 27, 2014


Is "weggehen" acceptable?

December 31, 2016


abreisen is also correct, also abfahren e g wir reisen heute schon ab bei nacht und Nebel abreisen. for Duolingo is it false!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 19, 2018


Abgehen should be accepted. It is not

July 24, 2016
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