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Concerning spelling errors in native language

I have been doing Portuguese (beta) for a while now, and I often find that I make stupid spelling errors when translating to English and then I get marked wrong. This has mostly been a problem for me with possessive pronouns; Portuguese has plural forms of pronouns whereas English does not. But for some reason sometimes when I see 'vocés' my fingers will sometimes type 'yous', or when I see 'meus' I might type 'mys', and I often don't catch it until after I hit enter. These are obvious typos to a native English speaker. I understand why this would be marked wrong in a language I'm learning, but seeing how it's an error in my native language, I don't think it should be marked wrong since my goal isn't to learn English, but rather Portuguese. I am mildly dyslexic, and I don't know if others have a similar problem, but I think these sort of errors that don't change the meaning of the English translation should be regarded as typos and not marked as mistakes. I try to slow down and pay attention to what I'm typing, but I find that I still make the same errors.

March 8, 2013



Hey... i know what u mean.... at first french for me was somehow like that, specially cuz it has many accents (on every sides :), it was not marked as a typo, but when i just make a mistake on a letter,oh.... wrong!!!!! But dont give this whole thing up! Be sure soon it'll become easier 4 u to get through this, not just spelling, but also on listening.... then u'll get used to that. Committing mistakes and reapeating every now and then is still a good way of improving. Hope u continue trying hard... your best :) gud studies..


Ohhhhh one more point. English is not my native language, and i have to use it in order to learn french.... this makes things more difficult! :)


Another solution would be to use Google Chrome. It underlines misspelled words in real time.

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