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Should I make a Norwegian vocab list?

Disclaimer: I put this in the English forum so I get quicker and better insight.

So I'm learning Norwegian, and there's no word list. So I figured, should I make one??

I'm doing it on Google drive, and every skill get's it's own document of words (foods 1 + foods 2 = foods)

I did the first three skills in one document so far, and it's taken quite a long time. It helps to review though.

But I probably won't look at it much more again.

Should I make a vocab list for the whole tree?

August 5, 2017



Use Memrise's DuoLingo Norwegian flashcards:


Every word in the course is there, and it's faster (and arguably more effective) than making your own list due to the spaced repetition.

Most of Duo's courses have counterpart vocab lists on Memrise.


I put this in the English forum so I get quicker and better insight.

Why do you have to hurt my feelings, Bob? :(


Hahaha I put it in the English forum because millions more are subscribed so there's a better chance of receiving insight, nothing against the Norwegian team :)

Should I make a list though?

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