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About notifications system


I miss a lot of notifications, when I come back on Duolingo after a while, and had a lot of friendship adding/comments/replies in the meanwhile, I notice I have only the number "5" on the notifications. Always the number "5", sometimes less, but never more. I'm sure I miss a lot of people who wrote to me, and the notifications systems is really bad because the different notifications are not sorted and not easy to manage or to let for later.

Have you got the same problem? I'm sorry for people I ignored because I didn't see their messages, I wish I have a real messages management here, and other notification apart from this.

March 27, 2014



We're all in the same situation with this.


I didn't seen anyone complaining about it before, I certainly missed the discussions. Duolingo is really great, but the interface not always :-( The discussions system is so messy too! I'm sure they are working to improve it, but with the lessons improvement, it's a lot of work. But only to have separate messages management doesn't seem that hard. I hope they will.


Yup. I try to be faithful about checking my email account. Duolingo is attached to the account that I don't check very often. I figure we're all in the same boat with this, like Luscinda said. I just pore over that account every few days to see if I've missed anything. I enjoy your comments PERCE_NEIGE.


Thanks! The problem with attaching the email account is it can really spam it with notifications.


You are right. It does get filled with spam, but I really just look for the messages that say so-and-so has responded to your comment. Those I look at. Also, I followed every discussion that I participated in, and don't do that now. That helps keep the email clear. I would be nice though if we could go back to the old way where you could see all of your messages from the Duolingo screen.


Je n'ai pas connu l'ancienne interface, il n'y a pas longtemps que je suis ici. Depuis combien de temps Duo existe?


I would suggest definiitely attatching an email. Yes the duo notification system only seems to hold 5 notifications.. Even with checking my email I still seem to miss some notifications. I'm not even sure that duolingo tells you about every single notification. Duolingo doesn't send you Spam but you will have a LOT of 'Someone commented on...' emails. so I would suggest either creating a new email account specifically to use for Duolingo, or clearing your inbox first. It's nice to be able to check the 'select all box' to delete all the duo notification emails once you are sure you have read them.

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