"Daniel are a unsprezecea."

Translation:Daniel has the eleventh.

August 5, 2017



The eleventh is not about Daniel himself, but something female, that is the eleventh Daniel has.

January 18, 2018


Again, this should be "Daniel o are pe a unsprezecea." = "Daniel has the eleventh one." The way it is written currently it needs a noun: "Daniel are a unsprezecea carte." This is an issue throughout this unit.

May 23, 2018


The correct sentence with 'o' has also come up in this same lesson for me. I had to translate from English to Romanian. As it was the first time I had seen the sentence, i omitted 'o' and was told (rightly) that it was incorrect. However now doing it the other way around, Duolingo seems to indicate that 'o' is not needed. I think thid sentence needs reporting

August 11, 2018


Why feminine? I chose masculine because Daniel is a boy.

December 2, 2017


Because Daniel has a feminine object, indicated by the feminine ordinal number. Gender in romance languages is usually determined by the possessed object, rather than the posssessor. Italian is the same.

August 11, 2018


De ce nu puneti si voi propozitii cu sens. Si ce aveti cu porcii ?

August 5, 2017
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