"The bookworm is young."

Translation:Șoarecele de bibliotecă este tânăr.

August 5, 2017

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The library mouse = bookworm?


Yep. I think that "library mouse" is also the same form used in French as well and honestly, I think it's far more flattering and adorable than "bookworm". In fact, when I first learned this phrase a few years ago, it immediately replaced the word "bookworm" in my and my friend's conversations even in English. I'm quite happy to be a library mouse, to be honest, and I have no idea why anyone downvoted you for asking.

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I would personally use the word 'tocilar(ul)' in this instance, but be careful because it has some negative connotations (just like the English words nerd, geek, etc.)


I do not agree this expression

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