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Would this be a valid German sentence?

Would "Ich habe eine Katze heiße Joey." be a valid way of saying "I have a cat named Joey."?

August 5, 2017



Hi Mac, german is there a little bit circuitous.

Ich habe eine Katze, sie (because Katze fem.) heißt Joe. Or if it is a male "Ich habe einen Kater, er heißt Joe.

Ich habe eine Katze, die (welche) Joe heißt. Correct but nobody would talk like this.

Ich habe eine Katze namens Joe. Correct, a little bit formal but common. And it is almost one-to-one translated.

I hope it was helpful.

greets Angel


Thank you for the reply RedAngel! I know some words but hardly any grammar, so I kind of figured my attempt would be off. What you put instead makes better sense!



Hey Mac, my pleasure!

German is a challenge my opinion. Especially the grammar is hard to learn. But hey we love challenges that´s why we are here, aren´t we? You will make it. Just keep learning. If you want to learn more about german words have a look at leo.org maybe it will be helpful.

And sorry for my english I haven´t written in years.

greez Angel


I appreciate the encouragement! I don't intend to stop, and I fully plan on taking it all the way to the end of the course. Also, leo.org looks like it could be very useful in the future, so thanks for that!

P.S. Your English is nearly perfect! Out of curiosity, what is your first language?


If you search a good online dictionary, then I would suggest "dict.cc" to you. Where you can also look up idioms and phrases.

That's typically the webpage where I look literally everything up. Good luck!


Thank you Vallean, this will prove most useful as well!


Hi Mac, my first language is german.^^

greez Angel


Nice! I kind of figured that, but I didn't want to jump to conclusions or anything, hahah!

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