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  5. "Io divento un uomo."


"Io divento un uomo."

March 8, 2013



LOL - I guess this would be useful either for a bar mitzvah or for a sex change operation....


LOL Elena! Jajaja, I was wondering too how progressive our society has become!


Consider it as a "coming of age" sentence. :P


The dropdown menu suggests: become, get, grow for "divento". That being the case, why would "I get a man" be considered incorrect? Getting a man sounds more plausible than a sex change.


I think diventare more usually means "to become" as opposed to "to get", and that it only means "to get" in a few cases, where get can mean become. For example, "I get better everyday" has the same function as "I become better everyday" for the most part, so on occasions like that you can translate it as "get". But usually just translate it as "become".


I choose to keep my innocence and just think more of the Mulan "I'll make a man out of you" type definition ;)

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