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How can I tell the difference between "she" and "they"?

I'm very new to the language, and this has been very hard for me so far. Is it the ending os the next word that gives it away, and if so what are the endings I should be looking for?

Thanks in advance!

August 5, 2017



by the conjugation after it

Sie isst = she eats
Sie essen = they eat



It's the ending of the verb that gives it away. The conjugations for they and she are different :) Learn the conjugation endings, that will make it a lot easier.


Verb conjugation and context.

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Ja, Kontext hilft viel so! Hier ist ein Lingot für dich. Just a thought; is Lingot masculine, feminine or neuter?


My feeling tells me masculine. "Der Lingot" like "der Punkt" (point), also it sounds and looks like a kind of gem (der Edelstein) which are mostly masculine ("der Smaragd/Rubin/Diamand/Saphir/Opal"). But that is up to debate as it is a constructed word.


Yes, it's definitely a Nutella word (I just invented a new linguistic term^^) and I agree with your intuition that it's masculine

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Un Lingot pour vous. Which do you feel more challenged by, French or German?


Spanish at the moment ;) I am German.

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MelvilQ, I see now that you are from Wiesbaden. I've been there. I was stationed in Aschaffenburg when I first was in Germany (later I was stationed in Herzogenaurch). My husband and I went to a casino/ballroom for my birthday. Wiesbaden was very nice. Later when I was in Herzogenaurach I was told that I had a Hessen Deutsch accent and they did not believe I was American. My German was better then than today.


That must have been the world famous casino in the Kurhaus of Wiesbaden. Many celebrities of the 19th century have lost a fortune there, including Dostojewski, the Russian writer. I hope you had more luck :)

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Danke, person243, für deine Meinung, ich schätze es. S'il vous plaît, avez un Lingot. ;-)


your catch on, it takes time, slowly but surely your get to where you want to be.

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