"Răspunzând la telefon, Ana mi-a spus să tac."

Translation:Answering the telephone, Anne told me to be silent.

August 6, 2017

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answering the telephone, Ana told me to keep it quiet. The ”it” does not need to be there. One can simply ”keep quiet”.


Does "...Ana mi-a spus să mă liniștesc" mean: "Ana told me to be quiet"?


Why does Duolingo insist on translating "a tăcea" as "to be silent"? That wording is extremely uncommon in English. We're far more likely to say, "Be quiet" or, more rudely, "shut up". I have gotten to accept "shut up", but "be quiet" is rejected every time.


When I was little, our neighbor lady always told us kids to "be still." I don't think I would risk one of my hearts on that translation, though.


Doesn't "be still" mean not to move ?

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