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Accusative and dative

Hey everyone. I'm having some trouble regarding the accusative and the dative. So from what I've been looking up I understand the accusative to be something that directly affects what you're talking about. Eg ''Ich sehe den Mann'' Or ''Wir haben die Torte gegessen''. That seems simple enough however when we get to the Dative case it seems to say almost the same thing. Something is being directly helped or harmed. eg ''Ich gab der Frau einen Apfel'' However I ran into some trouble when I ran into a sentence just this morning in my german lesson: ''Sie gibt ihm eine halbe Orange.''. Why is this not ''Sie gibt ihm einer halbe Orange''. That would be the Dative would it not since the dative feminine is einer. And even if it wasn't shouldn't it be einem? Am I completely misunderstanding the cases? Please explain the difference between The Dative and Accusative.


August 6, 2017



It's the indirect object, who is receiving the affected object.

She gives half an orange to him


Some verbs have objects in the dative case, some take both dative and accusative case objects, so learn them as you go.

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